Recolit is coming to Switch on October 17th

Publisher Yokaze and publisher and developer Image Labo will release a pixel art puzzle adventure game Recolito for Switch on October 17, companies Announced.

In Japan, the Switch version will be available in both physical form for 3,980 yen and digital form for 1,650 yen. The physical edition will include a special box and a soundtrack CD, as well as a glow-in-the-dark sticker.

Recolito First released for PC via Steam on February 16th.

Here is an overview of the game, through its Steam Page:

Recolito It’s a pixel art puzzle adventure game where you search for lights in a city where the night never ends.

Your spaceship crashes and you find yourself in a dark town that looks just like any other, but there’s something different about it. Its inhabitants go about their daily lives as if nothing is happening, even though the sky above them is always black.

This person wants a drink. This other person wants to play with a pigeon. As you help them with these small, trivial things, you move on to what really matters.

And then, the mysterious girl you met on the road tells you something:

“OK I will wait for you”.

Check out a new trailer below.

Switch Release Date Trailer

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