RedDeerGames reveals titles and release dates for the May Indie Spree event


RedDeerGames, the publisher behind nOS: A new operating system, just announced a brand new Indie Spree event for this month, along with a trailer for upcoming games that fans have been anticipating. These new titles continue into the RedDeerGames Indie Spring Spree, and they’re still scheduled to launch every Friday.

Includes new games in today’s new trailer The story of the little dragonAnd For a wide future, Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot, And one unannounced game to be revealed on May 10th, 2023. You can watch gameplay for each teaser title on the RedDeerGames YouTube channel:

The story of the little dragon

This 1-bit adventure takes the title quite literally, keeping things small in storytelling, gameplay, and visuals. But the retro style should please RedDeerGames fans UnderDungeon. It also has a cute world and an undeniable premise, which has a great theme. It launches later this week on May 5th, 2023.

for a vast future

Another trip down memory lane, this RPG from Retreaux Games launched last year and is now available on Steam. Now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2023. It’s not only revolutionary, but it also displays a clear understanding of the appeal of the times. It has a great beat, the music is really great, and the combat has some clever twists.

Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot

This sci-fi point and click adventure from Nudiventra is also released in 2022, so it’s another Switch port, and it’s due out on May 19, 2023. As “Episode 1” of a bigger story, it’s very short, but the art design is absolutely breathtaking. The environments are hand-drawn to perfection, with chalky reds and industrial and rural scenes that really sell the macabre history and quirky world.

You can read more about Mechanic 8230: Escape from IlgrotRedDeerGames and other indie games by checking out the rest of our news section.


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