Redfall Best Character – Who to choose?


Redfall is an open-world adventure game in which players can select from a variety of characters. There are four playable heroes in the FPS and each of them has their own unique abilities and powers. While saying that one legend is better wouldn’t do justice to the others, you can certainly choose which one’s the best for you based on your playstyle.

Who is the best character for you in Redfall?

Devinder Crousley

Image via Bethesda

Devinder’s first power, the Arc Javelin, once thrown on any surface will stun any nearby enemies making them an easy target for you and your squad. Translocate is this character’s second ability that grants him a teleportation ability, which can be useful to get out of a hectic situation or to relocate to an inaccessible position.

Finally, you can use the Blacklight, Devinder’s ultimate, to plant a UV light beacon on the ground that then turns the nearby Vampires into stones. Once the enemies are rendered immobile, you can destroy them in one punch. Looking at all the abilities, Devinder seems more like an assault character that players with an aggressive, attacking playstyle will prefer.

Layla Ellison

Image via Bethesda

Playing as Layla, you’ll get to use her Umbrella power that forms a shield in front of you capable of blocking incoming projectiles. Her second ability, Lift, places a psychic elevator on the ground that can launch yourself, friendlies, and enemies into the air by a few feet. This can be used to obtain higher ground when necessary and to throw enemies off their path when they rush towards you.

Layla’s ultimate is called the Vampire Ex-Boyfriend that summons your ex-boyfriend, Jason, who can take out a few enemies for you before disappearing. Layla is the most flexible character in Redfall and is compatible with all playstyles, especially suitable for players who play defensive.

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Remi De La Rosa

Image via Bethesda

Siren, Remi’s first ability, commands her bot to draw the attention of nearby enemies. You can use this opportunity to strike the vampires when they’re distracted or to run away from a situation. Remi can also throw a sticky C4 Charge onto a surface and detonate it from afar to deal explosive damage to the foes.

Mobilize is Remi’s ultimate ability that’s extremely helpful when you’re overwhelmed by enemies. Once activated, this power-up creates a rallying point of a small radius inside which all friendlies will be revived and healed. Here ultimate alone makes Remi a support character that every squad should have.

Jacob Boyer

Image via Bethesda

If you’re playing as Jacob, you can use the Raven perk to command your companion to scout the area for any threats. All enemies in the bird’s scan range are highlighted for a brief time, making them an easy target. Next up, you can use his Cloak to turn completely invisible for a short while. This ability is very helpful for evasive and flanking maneuvers.

And Jacob’s ultimate, Heartstopper, is a powerful sniper rifle that auto-locks onto enemies and deals heavy damage thanks to its one-shot kill potential. Evidently, Jacob is a recon/stealth character who’s the best for players who like to keep a distance from the enemies and surprise attack them.

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