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Last month we got our first big look at Concorde, PlayStation’s upcoming 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter. And last week, we traveled to California to go with the game. You can read Game Informers Here are the full Concorde preview thoughts, but in short: it’s great and we’re excited to play more.

We’re left with plenty of questions about the game’s progression, seasonal content, narrative significance, and more, but if the handful of hours we’ve spent playing Concord is any indication, developer Firewalk Studios has at least created a fun and feel-good shooter. In today’s new Gameplay Today, host Wesley LeBlanc talks with Kyle Hilliard about his visit to PlayStation’s HQ to play the game and how he felt after checking out 10 of the game’s 16 heroes and its three game modes.

Check it out for yourself at Concord NGT below:

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