Roblox BedWars has revealed an exciting update that includes a reworked Wizard’s Toolkit, the return of Ziplines, balance changes, and a special double-player Battle Pass XP weekend. The update introduces new capabilities and improvements to the game, enhancing the overall experience for the BedWars community.

Zeno, the Wizard of the Storm, has undergone a mission rework, and players can now access three lightning abilities by upgrading their wizard staff. The story behind Zeno’s transformation can be found in a new comic located in the game’s lobby. The three new abilities include Lightning Strike, which allows Zeno to summon lightning from the sky to damage nearby enemies; Shockwave, which instantly shoots electricity to knock enemies out; and Lightning Storm, which summons a series of lightning strikes to deal damage over time in a specific area.

In addition to the reworked Wizard Collection, Ziplines are back in the Item Shop. Players will be happy to know that taking damage no longer kicks them out of the Zipline, making it a more fun and reliable feature in the game.

BedWars also offers a limited-time Double Battle Pass XP weekend, allowing players to level up and progress through the Battle Pass twice as fast.

Free collections of the week include Lassy, ​​Miner, Barbarian, and Level 20 Gingerbread Man. Players can take advantage of these free combos to diversify their gaming experience.

Finally, the update includes several balance changes for different decks. The Metal Detector group received a slight bonus increase, while Pirate Davey, Lyla, and Infernal Shelder received extinctions. Pirate Davey can no longer throw cannons at teammates, and the cannon price has increased from 30 iron to 50 iron. Lyla Bee’s damage no longer triggers magic, and the Infernal Shielder now has a short delay in activating the Shield.

Verify List of BedWars commands Post to learn all the commands available in the game! You can find all the official patch notes here disagreement less.

Zeno – Wizard of the Storm (several reworks!)

The Wizard has been reworked and now has access to three lightning abilities via upgrades to his wizard team. Read the story behind this transformation in a new comic located in the lobby!

  • Lightning Strike Zeno summons lightning from the sky and strikes the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies
  • Shock Wave Instantly discharge electricity to drive enemies away
  • Lightning Storm Summons a series of lightning strikes to deal damage over time in an area

Zipline (limited item!)

Ziplines have been added to the Item Shop! Taking damage no longer shocks you!

2x Battle Pass XP per weekend

Free collections of the week

  • Lacey
  • Miner
  • barbaric
  • Gingerbread man (level 20)

Balance changes


  • metal detector
    • Slight increase in bonus
  • Divi hacker
    • He can no longer throw a cannonball at his teammates.
    • The price of the cannon is 30 iron → 50 iron
  • Layla
    • Damage from Bee no longer triggers magic.
  • Infernal Schilder
    • Added a short delay for shield activation

Make sure to head over to Roblox BedWars page to experience this new update! You can find more information about a variety of different experiences in the Roblox section of our website.

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