Following the success of The Mimic and Apeirophobia, one other horror/survival-type expertise has joined the Roblox platform—Doors. In this expertise, gamers should maneuver all through, and finally escape, a haunted lodge by sneaking, sprinting, evading enemies, and even fixing a couple of puzzles alongside the way in which. One of those puzzles, the one in room 50, generally is a bit tough to work out, which is why we have created this transient information. To be taught all there may be to find out about this puzzle, together with the entity who guards it, proceed studying beneath.

How to solve level 50 in Doors and escape

As you stroll via level 50’s double doorways, you may end up coming into a big library. Inside of this library is Figure, a blind but clever entity that makes use of its elevated sense of listening to to discover and assault close by gamers. To keep away from being detected by Figure, crouching and transferring slowly is essential.

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides
Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

In order to transfer to the following room, gamers will want to discover and decipher a code* that is hidden inside the library. This code will be discovered inside books which can be randomly scattered all through the library’s cabinets. There are eight books in complete with every guide having a form and a corresponding quantity inside it.

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides
Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

The key used to solve this code will be discovered on prime of the library’s info desk.

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

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With this key in your pocket, search across the library till you have discovered all eight books. Each time that you just decide up a guide, the data that you just pulled from it will likely be listed on the left aspect of your display screen.

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

*How to decipher the guide code

While it could appear complicated, the guide code is not too tough to solve when you perceive the way it works. After gathering all eight books, it’s best to have eight letters and numbers on the left aspect of your display screen. For instance, our code is as follows:

  • Circle = 3
  • Pentagon = 8
  • X = 2
  • Triangle = 4
  • Hexagon = 0
  • Diamond = 4
  • Square = 1
  • Star = 7

If we then take our code and use it with our key, which says that the order of the code ought to be diamond first, circle second, pentagon third, star fourth, and triangle fifth, our remaining numerical code can be: 43874. In different phrases, ♦️●⬟★▲ = 43874. This remaining numerical code is what you will need to enter into the padlocked 51st door so as to proceed to the following room.

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

Once you enter the proper code, the door will unlock and you may find a way to transfer onto the following room!

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