Roblox Evade is a horror survival expertise developed by Hexagon Development Community for the platform. In the game, you may be making an attempt to flee the wrath of the monsters trying to assault you. To survive, you’ll have to know the ins-and-outs of the game. If you need to ensure you’re conscious of all of the issues you are able to do, we’ve received an inventory of all of the controls that can be utilized on this expertise.

Evade PC Controls

  • Spacebar – Jump
  • F – Equip or unequip mild merchandise
  • 1, 2 – Use utility or usable
  • E – Open Door / Interact
  • Ctrl or C – Crouch/Slide/Bash Door
  • R – Turn again (Cannot have an merchandise at present outfitted!)
  • G – Emote (Requires an outfitted emote!)
  • T – Whistle
  • O – Change Point of View
  • M – Return to the menu
  • N – Open VIP server menu (VIP Owner Only!)
  • Tab – Open the in-game leaderboard

Evade Xbox Controls

  • A-Button – Jump
  • Left Bumper – Equip or unequip mild merchandise
  • Left Trigger – Use utility or usable
  • Right Trigger – Crouch/Slide/Bash Door
  • Y-Button – Open Door / Interact
  • B-Button – Zoom
  • Up on D-Pad – Emote Window (Right Bumper to Emote)
  • Right on D-Pad – Whistle
  • Left Stick Click – Change Point of View
  • Down on D-Pad – Return to the menu
  • Left on D-Pad – Open the in-game leaderboard

Those are the entire controls you should know to get round within the game. We’ve received guides on all kinds of experiences on the platform within the Roblox part of our web site.

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