Unsurprisingly, full CGI characters like Rocket and Groot are used sparingly in Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special. However, when Nebula gives Rocket her gift, Bucky’s arm, it pays off. avengers: infinity warThe best joke of ‘s and prepares heartbreak for the final movie. the holiday special is a laughing matter first, something that guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 It won’t be. So it makes sense that at the very least Rocket and Nebula take a backseat in this story.

Thanos didn’t take them, so viewers spent a lot of time with them during Avengers Endgame. However, this gift reminds fans that this means Rocket and Nebula spent five years together without each other. It will be interesting to see how their dynamic persists in the next film. But there’s a way to look at this gift beyond just paying off Rocket who says to Bucky, “I’m going to get that arm.” The look on Rocket’s face represents more than just being touched by the thought. In fact, it could set up how Rocket’s story will come to an end in what is sure to be an emotionally heavy way.

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Guardians 3 and the Christmas Special Almost Didn’t Happen

At one point, James Gunn found himself at Marvel Studios. However, he returned with unfinished business. “The reason I needed to finish this is because I love Rocket’s character more than any character I’ve ever dealt with before, and I needed to finish his story and that’s what I wanted. volume 3 it’s about,” Gunn said in an interview. And the introduction of the High Evolutionary is a clear sign that guardians 3 it deals with Rocket’s origin story.

A baby raccoon appears in the film, and Quill tells someone that Rocket won’t “talk about it,” according to SDCC details. vol. 3 trailer. Rocket was created, and early on in the first movie, viewers see that he has his own cybernetic parts. While his joke might be cruel, that’s a bit shallow for Gunn’s favorite character. Perhaps his fixation with robotic prosthetics is based on a fear that if his were taken away, he’d just be a dumb old raccoon. That could be why he freaks out when Kevin Bacon calls him a “talking raccoon” in the special.

Of course, Rocket wasn’t the only Guardian to react strongly to that comment. Nebula pulls the blaster out of him and points it straight at him. That part of the abuse of him at the hands of his father was unnecessarily “updated” with the cybernetics that might have arisen during their five years together. Nebula knows what she’s giving Rocket, and it’s not just a cool vibranium arm.

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Rocket and Nebula share a similar trauma, and their Christmas present is no joke.

Rocket and Nebula

The Gamora from around 2014 wasn’t the only one to travel back in time. Nebula’s past self was the reason Thanos made it to the future. Not only that, the current Nebula received yet another round of abuse from his twisted father. Rocket and Nebula don’t share, however after five years in space together they can probably have entire conversations without saying a word. Rocket’s claim to Bucky about getting his arm was a necessary joke in a heavy movie, but the progression of both characters since then gave it more depth. Rocket and Groot have a special relationship, but Nebula may be their closest friend.

The arm that Nebula gave Rocket looked like a vibranium one. That means it’s likely a custom job. Maybe it’s the arm that Bucky had on infinity war, and got an update in the future. Since that character processed some of his past trauma in that series, Nebula could have taken it, but she probably just talked to him. However, Bucky is also not much to talk about the feelings of him. Still, giving away the arm could be a subtle message for Rocket. Just as Bucky’s “Winter Soldier arm”, which did horrible things, was a part of him, it wasn’t the most important part.

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It’s okay to laugh when Nebula first gives Rocket her arm in the holiday special. However, the Christmas gift of these two close compatriots is not a joke. It’s a tacit reminder that Rocket has a future. But fans will have to wait until guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 to find out how long that future will be.

To see Nebula fulfill Rocket’s dream, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is currently streaming on Disney+.


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