Roots of Pacha is a farming and life simulator set in the Stone Age. Explore the world of Pacha and uncover its secrets by cultivating a fertile and prosperous land with your clan. You can complete all types of activities in Pacha, from developing relationships to cooking your own meals. There are so many different meals you can make in Roots of Pacha, all from the ingredients you have grown and harvested from the land. Here’s all you need to know about how and what you can cook!

All Cooking Utensils & How to Unlock Them in Roots of Pacha

Utensils are important items you need to use to cook meals in Roots of Pacha. You can purchase them from Tare once you have your own house with a cooking space. Some of them will require you to complete certain requisites before they are available, such as creating a Tools Station, upgrading your house and stations, or progressing further with your Ideas and Prophecies. The more utensils you have, the more recipes you will be able to make. Here’s how to get them:

Utensil Contribution How to Unlock
Leather Pot 1,000 Available at Start
Obsidian Knife 1,200 Create a Tools Station
Copper Pan 1,500 Upgrade to Medium House, Upgrade Tools Station
Metate 1,500 Upgrade to Medium House
Steamer 2,600 Upgrade to Medium House

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All Recipes in Roots of Pacha

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You cook different recipes with ingredients and harvested items you gather around Pacha. Some recipes can be made with a variety of ingredients, allowing you to interchange them as convenient to what you have currently on hand. More recipes will become available as you upgrade your house and tools and get more utensils. Keep checking back for further updates to this list:

Meal Ingredients
Baba Ganoush Eggplant x1, Sesame x1
Red Meat x1, Mix Salad x1
Any Meat x1, Carrot x1, Wheat Flower x1
Cephalopod x1, Olive Oil x1, Citron x1
Compote Any Tree Fruit x1
Any Vegetable x1, Any Meat x1, Wheat Flower x1
Duxelles Any Mushroom x1, Garlic x1
Tomato x1, Onion x1, Chile x1
Faina Garbanzo x1, Any Herb x1
Sour Cream x1, Garbanzo x1, Parsley x1
Oil x1, Egg x1
Oil x1, Oregano x1, Egg x1
Flatbread Corn x1
Oil x1, Corn x1
Any Dried Fruit x1, Corn x1
Fruit Platter Any Tree Fruit x3
Any Grain x1, Any Fat x1, Any Dried Fruit x1
Roasted Fish Any Fish x1
Hardtack Flour x1
Squash x1, Any Dried Fruit x1, Chile x1, Corn x1
Hummus Garbanzo x1, Parsley x1
Milk x1, Butter x1, Flour x1
Any Legume x1, Chile x1, Coconut x1
Lentil Pie Any Vegetable x1, Wild Lentils x1
Locro Garbanzo x1, Tomato x1
Any Fat x1, Any Meat x1
Almond x1
Meat Filled Squash Squash x1, Any Vegetable x1, Any Meat x1
Any Vegetable x1, Any Meat x1
Mediterranean Grilled Fish Any Fish x1, Oregano x1
Mix Salad Any Harvest x3
Any Herb x1, Any Cheese x1
Any Grain x1, Any Fermented Grain x1
Flour x1, Any Dried Fruit x1
Onion x1, Garlic x1, Potatoes x1
White Meat x1, Pinapple x1
Any Cheese x1, Wheat Flour x1
Plain Tortillas Corn x1
Any Fat x1, Corn x1
Any Dried Fruit x1, Corn x1
Potato Salad Carrot x1, Potatoes x1, Egg x1
Any Mushroom x1, Egg x1, Any Root x1, Wheat Flour x1
Any Harvest x1, Garlic x1
Roast Meat Red Meat x1
Seaweed Salad Seaweed x1
Any Vegetable x1, Egg x1
Steamed Vegetables Any Vegetable x1, Any Root x1
Sushi Wild Rice x1, Seaweed x1, Any Fish x1
Any Mushroom x1, Any Meat x1, Corn x1
Any Fish x1, Any Root x1, Flour x1
Vegetable Stew Any Vegetable x1, Any Legume x1

Best Cooking Recipes in Roots of Pacha

Eating meals in Roots of Pacha can replenish your Stamina. Some meals can replenish more than others, but the best meals can also provide you with a special attribute that assists in your activities around Pacha. These are some of the best ones you can make:

  • Steamed Vegetables: Gift Giving +4
  • Potato Salad: Foot Speed +1
  • Hummus: Wood Yield +4
  • Hardtack: Animal Friendship +4
  • Locro: Ore Yield +1
  • Mediterranean Grilled Fish: Fish Catching +1
  • Baba Ganoush: Endurance +1

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How to unlock new recipes in Roots of Pacha

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To unlock more recipes in Roots of Pacha, you’re going to need to make some upgrades to your house and stations, purchase some Utensils, and progress in the main storylines by developing Ideas and completing Prophecies. More Utensils will become available from Tare as you progress further. You’ll want to make sure you complete these important steps to grow your recipe collection:

  • Purchase a House
  • Purchase a Tools Station
  • Purchase Utensils from Tare
  • Upgrade your House
  • Upgrade your Tools Station
  • Complete Ideas
  • Complete Prophecies

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