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There seems to be a new rumor circulating around both Tiktok and Twitter that there will be new rules added to Roblox that will likely ban accounts that wear “revealing” clothing. This is rumored to include things like miniskirts, bikinis, crop tops, skirts, fishnets, and high-waisted jeans. From our research, it appears that this rumor started based on a series of tweets he made Roblox_RTC It is a news account that is not officially associated with Roblox

the The specific tweet in question It appears to be about Roblox making changes to their reporting feature:

Roblox is also revamping its reporting feature into a brand new system called Report Anything – which has a report menu; Data and analytics. Avatar IDs, which can show users’ avatars and screenshots, all of which will be linked together and sent to Roblox’s Trust and Safety IXP Manager, which presumably uses and manages this feature.

If you look at the screenshots included with the tweet, nothing specific is mentioned regarding some sort of dress code. However, this reporting system appears to make it possible for players to flag others for potentially problematic cosmetics they may be wearing. Nothing is known for certain, as there has been no official announcement of these new features.

At the moment it seems unlikely that Roblox will implement some kind of dress code or new rules that require you to stop wearing certain types of clothing. We’ll just have to wait and see what you actually end up using the new reporting system!

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