As the highly anticipated May 12, 2023 release date approaches for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a recent Twitter post showing a Nintendo Switch with the game’s icon visible in the main menu sparked rumors that physical copies of the game may have been acquired. While it’s not uncommon for fabricated images to appear online, if an image is indeed legit, fans should prepare for potential spoilers.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears, the sequel to Breath of the Wild, offers players an epic adventure across the vast landscapes of Hyrule and the mysterious floating islands in the skies above. With an open world structure, players are free to forge their own path and engage with the environment in creative ways. The game begins with Link embarking on a journey from one of these mysterious islands, acquiring new abilities before returning to the surface world for his grand adventure.

The world of Hyrule has undergone major changes, with familiar locations shifting dramatically and new towns, caves, and fissures popping up all over the landscape. Players will explore the origins of the dark force plaguing the kingdom, as they cross earth and sky on a strange tractor-like vehicle.

To counter the malevolent forces that threaten Hyrule, Link must harness new abilities, such as the Ultrahand, which allow him to manipulate objects; Wick, who magically collects objects with his weapons, shields, or arrows; ascending, which enables the link to pass through solid objects; and Recall, which reflects the movement of objects. These abilities enable players to build, battle, and discover in unique and imaginative ways.

Whether or not the image circulated is original, the excitement surrounding The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom continues to build. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to explore, create, and uncover the secrets hidden within the transformed world of Hyrule on Nintendo Switch.

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