ninththe critically acclaimed space station management and city builder sim from Bulwark Studios and publisher Cassido GamesThe new difficulty options update will be released next week on May 8, 2023. It is expected to be available around 10 AM ET.

The update will contain Journey, Default, Challenge, and a customizable option. This is a great announcement from the official ninth Twitter feed:

ninth It has some extraordinary visuals that help capture the scale and mood of outer space. However, the game’s greatest attraction is definitely the sci-fi core approach. Its theme drives the features, and there are many challenging and interesting drawbacks that other developers of a space station may have overlooked.

as a result of, ninth It can also be a very challenging experience, for both skilled players and newcomers alike. Many players who might have simply been attracted to the concepts are quickly overwhelmed.

According to today’s new blog on Steam pageThose who enjoy the challenges of the setting and premise will have a much better chance of reaching the end of the game in the “Journey” mode.

Some of the more difficult features will be turned off completely, and players will have an easier time with their crew, scavenging for resources, and dealing with hazards. This should create more adventure, as it will allow the narrative to flow more freely and quickly. It remains to be seen if the gameplay will turn out to be so refreshing, but there’s definitely still a lot to manage.

For those experts in the genre, the update will also bring a more difficult “Challenge” mode, which is where the stuff is literally collapsed. But the customizable option is undoubtedly the real advantage. Giving players the freedom to balance the game in their own style will only make for more fun, and it should definitely renew interest months after launch.

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