Sea of ​​Thieves Detect a number of changes that have been made to Captain and milestoneswhich are all set to launch in June along with the Captain’s Week event.

In Season 7, the ability to become a Commander is introduced for the first time in Sea of ​​Thieves. Since then, developers in rare We took into account player feedback, captain ratings and rewards internally. As a result, Sea of ​​Thieves is preparing some exciting permanent mods soon.

Among the upcoming changes are scheduled to arrive Sea of ​​Thieves They are rebalancing a large number of Sights of pirates and ships, which aims to facilitate classroom acquisition. This means that reaching Legendary status in any Milestone alignment will be considerably easier, as it will be easier to earn a total of 50 classes from any of the milestones within the Alignment. When these modifications are implemented, the current achievement progress will automatically convert so that players can continue to make progress and any related event classes will increase.

starting in june, Saving cosmetics for shipment will be free And the cost of gold for ship decorations and ornaments will drop significantly. cost of gold for Captain’s ship cosmetics, such as captain’s tables, curtains, beds, carpets, chairs, chandeliers and curtains will also be reduced. Any captain’s beds unlocked through Milestones are now available at Tier 2 instead of Tier 5, allowing players to rest on a plush bed earlier in the game.

Sea of ​​Thieves He also raised some details about Captain’s Week event, which will launch alongside the arrival of new permanent mods in June. During this event, players can earn cosmetic rewards and enjoy a gold multiplier when playing on Captain Ships.

Sea of ​​Thieves It will also offer exclusive cosmetics, and Gold plated Sovereign Captain’s TableFor players who have reached certain Pirate Milestones before Captain Week begins. If a player wins Class 50 In any pirate landmark of The Gold Seeker, The Voyager, The Emissary, The Hunter, The Feared, The Guardian, or The Servant, excluding nautical miles sailed, days at sea, provisions cooked, and provisions eaten, And the cannons fired, they will automatically get the exclusive gilt captain table reward.

You can learn more about updating Captaincy and Milestone at Official Sea of ​​Thieves wwebsite.

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