New World’s Season 1: Fellowship and Fire is now live, offering players a variety of ways to earn new titles, equipment, and more through the Season Pass. The Free Track is accessible to all players, while the Premium Reward Track provides additional rewards for an additional purchase. The Season Pass includes the Season Journey, a series of missions and challenges that take players on a tour around Aeternum, as well as the Activity Pass, which allows players to earn Season XP through mini-goals. The Season Pass also ties into the Silver Crow storyline.

Players can earn large amounts of Season XP through missions, journey challenges, and activity card stamps, as well as smaller amounts from various in-game activities. In response to player feedback, the developers have also updated the appearance of the leaderboard reward to better reflect the achievement it represents.

Numerous topics of combat balance are discussed, including magical and PvE ranged weapon feasibility, weapon balance in PvP, and equip load balance. Adjustments have been made to improve balance and provide a better gaming experience for all players.

The update also introduces new content, such as joining Grace O’Malley and the Silver Crows to take on the powerful Warlock and Varangian horde, and the ability to save and switch between gear sets after reaching level 25. Additional slots can be obtained through the Season Pass or purchased with Marks of Fortune.

The regional main story of Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood has been modified based on player feedback, providing a new narrative and more variety of missions. Additionally, level 40 weapon and armor missions have been improved, providing new rewards and narratives.

The update includes an improved flow for players to be aware of and claim special offers from a team, as well as new restrictions on alternate characters to prevent unfair advantages in effect payouts or land wars.

With the launch of Season 1: Fellowship and Fire, New World players can expect a more engaging and balanced experience, along with new content and updates that cater to their preferences and feedback.

You can read the full list of changes at steam.


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