New trailer for the upcoming first-person survival horror video game, legacy of shameReleased today, it shows its gameplay and some details about its narrative.

legacy of shame Developed by fairy And Revenant Games. It is set to be released by the publisher devastating creations to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 30th.

legacy of shame It follows the story of a troubled protagonist who struggles to survive a chase that takes place in an abandoned 19th century cultural village. players in legacy of shame He will try to survive using stealth and escape mechanisms. In addition, players will discover the hero’s relationship to the cult by solving puzzles. Recently, Destructive Creations released a new trailer, giving a sneak peek at legacy of shameIt is a mixture of action and psychological horror, in addition to its stunning graphics and immersive sound design.

The trailer begins with a spooky voiceover, reminding the protagonist how their fears led them to the evil cult. The protagonist is shown walking towards a wand, a valuable device that players will use for defense and puzzle-solving. The action begins as the trailer continues with the protagonist meeting a giant monster. The protagonist used the wand as a defense, showing that the device is effective at fending off monsters.

So far, it seems legacy of shame It is unlikely that it will feature a complete action-packed combat system. Instead, the game will focus more on stealth and escape mechanics, as well as the strategic use of the stick.

Apart from the gameplay, the trailer also stands out legacy of shameIncredible sound and graphics. The sound design is particularly effective in this regard, with the haunting music and sound effects adding to the game’s overall atmosphere of dread and discomfort. The graphics are impressively detailed, with intricate textures and light effects that bring the terrifying game world to life.

You can add legacy of shame for you steamAnd Epic Games Store Wishlist to be notified now when it becomes available for PC.

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