Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island’s second major content update is now live

Spike Chunsoft has released The second major free content update for Shiren the Wanderer: The Mysterious Dungeon of Serpentcoil Islandfeaturing new playable character Tatsumi Shiren, more floors in several dungeons, a basic training mode, and more.

Get the details below.

■ New features added

1. Play with “Tatsumi Shiren”

Tatsumi Shiren, a combination of Tatsumi from the main game and Shiren, can now be selected as a playable character in the Sacred Tree trials. Tatsumi Shiren makes her exclusive debut in this latest free content update.

—Tatsumi Shiren

Tatsumi Shiren is a combination of Tatsumi and Shiren. While he cannot equip anything, Tatsumi Shiren can launch special attacks if he expends Fullness.

*The Tatsumi Shiren form can be used in the Sacred Tree trials only after clearing the Suiryu Cavern dungeon.

2. Increased number of dungeon floors

In Sacred Tree mode, subsequent dungeons will have more floors, offering greater challenge and more opportunities for exploration.

Dungeons with added floors:

  • Kiki Island 25 °F → 99 °F
  • Inference training path 20F → 50F
  • Additional inference training path 20F → 50F
  • Peach’s Dungeon 20F → 99F
  • Sumo Dungeon 20F → 99F
  • The Divine Will of Cat-Ching 10F → 99F
  • Trapper’s Secret Path 20F → 99F
  • Trick training route 20F → 50F
  • Purchasing Training Route 40F → 99F
  • Behemoth Rush 30F → 99F
  • Sacred Ocean Tunnel 15F → 99F
  • Mastery of staves and scrolls 20F → 50F
  • Island of the Mighty 50F → 99F

*Can only be selected for dungeons that have been cleared.

3. Added basic training mode

A “Basic Training” mode has been added to the Monster Dojo. In this mode, you can learn the basics of dungeon navigation. Starting with a predetermined set of items and enemy locations, you’ll practice techniques that will help you reach the stairs.

*Basic training mode can be used after unlocking the Monster Dojo.

4. New threat alert

The new “Threat Alert” warns you when you are about to fall unconscious from taking damage equal to or greater than the one you just took. You can turn the “Threat Alert” feature on or off in the game settings.

5. Added balance adjustments and other improvements

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mysterious Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island is now available for Switch.

Check out a new set of screenshots in the gallery.


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