Hunter slimes are one of many forms of slimes discovered within the lengthy-awaited Slime Rancher 2 game. Slimes are balls of gelatinous alien creatures that reside on a planet known as Far, Far Range. They produce plorts, which can be utilized to earn cash, craft objects, and unlock areas inside the game. Each Slime is exclusive and has its favourite meals and finest strategies to take care of them. Let’s check out all the things it’s essential to find out about Hunter Slimes!

Where to Find Hunter Slimes?

Hunter Slimes might be discovered on Starlight Strand Island. You might want to defeat the Cotton Gordo with a view to unlock the teleporter to Starlight Strand. It is a uncommon slime, so when you get to the island, it might take a while to search out one!

How to take care of Hunter Slimes?

Hunter Slimes’ weight loss program consists of meat, resembling hens and roosters. They are docile of their pure type, however their Largo variants begin in a feral state. They are one of many 4 feline-based mostly slimes within the sequence. When caring for Hunter Slimes, take note of the place you place its corral as it may possibly sense close by meals sources.

Hunter Slimes’ weight loss program consists of veggies, however you’ll need to feed them their favourite meat to get extra plorts out of those you retain in your corral. They are a dangerous slime sort, as they injury Beatrix LeBeau on contact. They have a crown of spikes that sits atop their physique. Rock plorts are utilized in manufacturing of blue metallic. You should buy a music field, which may help cut back their agitation ranges.

Hunter Slimes Favorite Food

You need to feed your Hunter Slimes their favourite meals, which is Roostro, as a result of this doubles the variety of plorts they produce, which suggests your manufacturing yield is larger and you’ll convert to more cash or craft extra objects extra rapidly.

We hope this helps you discover, feed, and care for your Hunter Slimes as you make your means via Slime Rancher 2. We have extra how-to guides for Slime Rancher 2 when you want extra help!

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