Pink slimes are a quite common sort of slime discovered within the lengthy-awaited Slime Rancher 2 game. Slimes are balls of gelatinous alien creatures that reside on a planet known as Far, Far Range. They produce plorts, which can be utilized to earn a living, craft objects, and unlock areas throughout the game. Each Slime is exclusive and has its favourite meals and greatest strategies to look after them. Let’s check out every part you want to find out about Pink Slimes!

Where to Find Pink Slimes?

Pink Slimes may be discovered all over the place and anyplace on Rainbow Island, and they’re prone to be a few of the first forms of slime encountered by a participant beginning their game.

How to look after Pink Slimes?

Pink Slimes are a docile sort of slime. Their food regimen consists of fruits, veggies, and meat, as they’re omnivores. As they’re a newbie slime, they’re very simple to maintain completely happy. Their plorts have the least worth, so they’re generally skipped in favor of extra useful slimes, particularly by extra skilled ranchers! Pink Slimes are sometimes used with slimes which are more durable to feed, like Tabby Slimes, and transformed to Pink Largos.

Pink Slimes Favorite Food

As they as omnivores and a newbie-stage slime, they don’t have a favourite meals, so they may just about eat something you may need, which works nice for extra meals objects you’ve picked up. Their plorts are a “multipurpose generic substance” that’s used to fabricate all kinds of issues from meals to cleansers! When transformed to a largo slime, they may have a favourite meals sort, although.

We hope this helps you discover, feed, and deal with your Pink Slimes as you make your manner via Slime Rancher 2. We have extra how-to guides for Slime Rancher 2 when you want extra help!

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