South Park is one of the funniest and most popular animated sitcoms ever made. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the characters in it are popular. While main characters, such as Stan and Cartman, have always played important roles in the series and fans have enjoyed them, there are many characters that audiences don’t like as much.

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While they used to be seen a lot, they aren’t in the series as much, and if they do make an appearance, they’re simply in the background, while characters that fans appreciate more have replaced them.

7 Principal Victoria Was South Park Elementary’s Principal Before Being Replaced

Victoria was the principal in the series’ first 18 seasons. She spent a lot of time with the rest of South Park Elementary’s staff, such as Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, and Chef. In hopes to make the school and community better for everyone, she’s tried to come up with good ideas and stopped people from doing wrong, though this sometimes backfired.

Principal Victoria was eventually replaced by PC Principal and hasn’t had as much of an important role in the series since, being seen only a few times.

6 Dr. Alphonse Mephesto Was Responsible For Some Of The Early Supernatural Phenomena

Alphonse Mephesto is a scientist who was responsible for some of the supernatural events in the series.

If it weren’t for him, Stan’s clone wouldn’t have been made in “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig,” Larry wouldn’t have been freed from the ice that trapped him in “Prehistoric Ice Man,” and nobody would have learned that Randy was responsible for global warming in “Spontaneous Combustion.” Though he was in the series a lot in the beginning, he only made occasional cameos after a while.

5 Mr. Hankey Was One Of Kyle’s Best Friends

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, was one of Kyle’s best friends at the beginning of the series. Due to him being Jewish, Kyle was excluded from many Christmas-related events, but Mr. Hankey always did his best to help Kyle feel like he belonged.

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At first, everyone thought that Kyle was crazy, but once Chef was able to convince the children to believe, they were all able to befriend Mr. Hankey, who gave them good advice. The kids helped Mr. Hankey a few times throughout the show and were always happy to see him, but he hasn’t appeared in a long time.

4 Jesus Christ Used To Help People A Lot At The Beginning Of The Series

Some South Park characters were inspired by the Bible, with Jesus being one of the most popular, at least at the beginning of the series. He had his own TV series called Jesus and Pals, where he would help people out, allowing him to interact with some of the other South Park characters when they needed him.

He was also the Super Best Friends’ leader, a superhero group consisting of figures from different religions. Over the years, he hasn’t been in the series as much as he was in the first few seasons.

3 Satan Was An Antagonist who Hasn’t Been Seen Since His Death

Satan is another South Park character who was inspired by religious texts. Though he was the ruler of Hell and an antagonist at times, he wasn’t entirely bad. His plot in the episodes he was in often revolved around his love life.

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After ManBearPig killed him in “Nobody Got Cereal?”, he became an angel and was sent to Heaven, giving a good conclusion to his character arc. He hasn’t made an appearance in the series since, but since some episodes took place in Heaven and Hell, and characters can come back to life, it’s possible that he will eventually return.

2 Saddam Hussein Was Satan’s Boyfriend Who Tried To Take Over The World A Few Times

While many remember Saddam Hussein as Iraq’s fifth President, South Park fans know him as one of Satan’s boyfriends. After he had tried to take over Canada, Terrance and Phillip came up with a plan in which they had all the Canadians kill Saddam with the smell of their farts.

Once he went to Hell, he started dating Satan, but was very abusive and manipulative, leading to their breakup. While Saddam still tried to rule the world throughout the beginning of the series, he didn’t play as much of a role once Satan was no longer in his life, and hasn’t been seen since the seventh season.

1 Pip Was Mistreated By Those Around Him & Was Killed By Mecha-Streisand

Pip was from England and was a student at South Park Elementary. He was often bullied by his classmates and treated worse than everyone around him. However, he always tried to fit in by playing sports with the other kids, even if it meant putting himself in danger, such as when Chef wouldn’t let him wear a helmet despite all of the other children wearing theirs.

Even after he won the dodgeball championship for the school, he was treated poorly. In the last episode that he was in, Pip was murdered by Mecha-Streisand and has not returned.

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