Marvel Comics’ most iconic New York street hero is considered one of the greatest due to his down-to-earth personality, incredible wit, and wide-ranging versatility. Because Spider-Man’s zenith is explored multiple times, he is also considered to be the best crime fighter compared to other Marvel heroes.

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Nearly 60 years since his creation, Spider-Man has come face to face with some of the most powerful friends and foes in the Marvel Comics Universe, often finding creative ways to emerge victorious despite stacked odds and odds. less than favorable. against Juggernaut, Firelord and more.

10/10 Spider-Man takes on the Kingpin in an oversized fight

In the The Amazing Spider-Man #544 By Joe Quesada, John Romita Jr., Phil Jimenez, Alex Saviuk and J. Michael Straczynski, Spider-Man takes on New York’s penultimate crime boss. In the number, Aunt May is hit by a sniper’s bullet, intended for him.

Spider-Man and the Kingpin have had multiple confrontations throughout their nearly 60-year existence, however the results have usually resulted in a draw or the avoidance of the physical altercation altogether. The Kingpin is known for being a brutal yet competent fighter with the strength of Goliath, however Spider-Man took victory by beating the crime boss to within an inch of his life.

9/10 Spider-Man defeated the unstoppable giant

Spider-Man fights Juggernaut

Spider-Man is able to defeat the unstoppable Juggernaut using “mind over matter” in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #229-#230 By Roger Stern, John Romita Jr. Jim Mooney, Glynis Wein, Joe Rosen, and Tom DeFalco.

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In the issue, the Juggernaut is on the hunt to kidnap Madame Webb. He rampages through much of New York City as Spider-Man attempts multiple times to physically stop him. In a moment of clarity, Spidey devises a plan to stop the villain from using cement from a construction site. The plan works as she is able to get Juggernaut to the job site where he stops dead in his tracks. This is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic and unlikely victories due to him fighting an unstoppable force of nature.

8/10 Spider-Man claims an unlikely victory over the Hulk

Spider-Man dodges the Gray Hulk's punch

The Gray Hulk was sent flying by Spidey in The Amazing Spider-Man #328 By David Michillinie, Todd McFarlane, Al Gordon, Bob Sharen, and Rick Parker. This is considered one of Spider-Man’s most impressive physical victories over a nearly unbeatable opponent, even though he has some cosmic help.

In the story, Spidey seizes Captain Universe’s gauntlet and takes on the rampaging Gray Hulk on New York City’s Roosevelt Bridge. The Hulk put up a decent fight, however, Spider-Man was able to counter his futile attempts. Eventually, Spider-Man sends Gray Hulk into low Earth orbit after landing a single punch.

7/10 Spider-Man’s Most Controversial Victory Over Firelord Is A Total Blur

Spider-Man vs Fire Lord

Spidey’s most questionable and unlikely victory came against Galactus’ former herald, Firelord in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #270 By Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Joe Rosen, Bob McLeod, and Jim Owsley.

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The story unfolds with Spider-Man fighting Firelord, with very little success. Firelord mocks Spidey’s feeble attempts and angers him. What happens next is still the subject of much debate, however Spider-Man essentially attacks him with several hundred relentless blows. It isn’t until Captain America pulls Spider-Man away that he realizes that he has won the fight.

6/10 Spider-Man defeats Goliath using his signature weapon

Amazing Spider-Man vs. Goliath

Eric Josteen went by the name Goliath before joining The Thunderbolts with Baron Zemo and changing his name to Atlas. But in Spider-Man’s Web #60 Starring Bob Sharen, Alex Saviuk, Phil Felix and Rick Parker, the villainous strongman goes toe-to-toe with the Wall Crawler in a revenge plot after Spider-Man is given the gauntlet from Captain Universe.

Goliath stands out for his size and strength. He typically lifts over 100 tons with relative ease, so it’s hard to imagine how Spider-Man was able to defeat him without the gauntlet. During their battle, Spidey’s web shoots at Goliath’s legs without his knowledge, causing him to fall face-first and unconscious.

5/10 Spider-Man gets the upper hand on the Silver Surfer in an unlikely way

A portion of the cover of issue 14 of Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is considered one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Comics Universe. Spider-Man standing face to face with him doesn’t come to anyone’s mind due to the utter lack of power he has compared to the cosmic being. However, in Silver Surfer #14 From Stan Lee, John Buscema, Dan Atkins and Sam Rosen, the wall-crawler and the planet-traveler collide in an epic battle.

In the issue, the Silver Surfer is critically injured after saving Earth from a near-death meteor impact. Weakened from taking preemptive measures, he plummets into midtown Manhattan, where Spidey mistakes his fall for an invasion and begins attacking. He is able to knock Silver Surfer off his board multiple times, landing powerful punches. The skirmish ends after Spider-Man notices the Silver Surfer protecting a girl from falling debris due to their fight.

4/10 Spider-Man gives Graviton a colossal beating

Graviton emits its powerful energy

Graviton and Spider-Man have battled on several occasions with the latter often coming out victorious. During the time that Spider-Man was in possession of Captain Universe’s gauntlet, Graviton and several other villains were rendered powerless.

Seeking revenge, Graviton ambushes Spider-Man and launches him several thousand feet into the air. Spider-Man was able to slow his ascent into the upper atmosphere thanks to a random commercial plane making a flyby. When Spider-Man was able to get back into the fight, he pummeled the unsuspecting Graviton and knocked him unconscious.

3/10 Spider-Man bests Wolverine, a friend turned foe

Spider-Man evades Wolverine's attack

Spiderman vs. Wolverine by. Jim Owsley and Mark Bright is one of the last chapters in the historic friendship turned rivalry between Wolverine and Wall Crawler. In this one-shot the two of them cross fists in one of the best reissues to date.

In the story, Wolverine agrees to the mercy killing of his friend Charlemagne following his heartbreaking medical diagnosis. Spider-Man, still grieving over the death of his beloved friend Ned Leads, intervenes, instantly enraging Wolverine. Spider-Man accidentally kills Charlemagne after he throws a punch meant for Wolverine. The two fight for some time, however the fight ends after Spidey breaks Wolverine’s spine, rendering him powerless.

2/10 Spider-Man beats Thanos at his own game

Spider-Man Gets Infinity Gauntlet Energy Blasts Thanos

No one else remembers Spider-Man’s greatest victory against an overpowered adversary except himself. In Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #4 By Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lima, Wall Crawler takes on the Mad Titan alongside his fellow Avengers in an effort to save reality from total erasure.

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During the battle, Spider-Man manages to distract the villain long enough to rip the Infinity Gauntlet off of him using his webs. Thanos unsuccessfully attempts to lunge for the powerful weapon, but Spider-Man evades him and simply wishes Thanos never existed. The issue ends with the Avengers back on Earth completely unaware of the events that previously took place, as well as any knowledge of who Thanos is.

1/10 Spidey dethrones Luke Cage, the hero for hire

Inner panel from The Amazing Spider-Man #123

In The Amazing Spider-Man #123 By Gerry Conway, John Romita, Gil Kane, Artie Simek and Roy Thomas, Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson gives in to negative public sentiment about Spider-Man and hires Luke Cage to stop him.

Cage was relentless in his quest to stop the Wall Crawler, and despite losing in their first meeting, he allowed his love of money to blind him. During the second meeting, Spider-Man is able to tie the cage tight using a web. It is during this time that Cage is forced to listen to Spider-Man and determine that he is, in fact, innocent. This wasn’t one of Spider-Man’s most brutal battles, however it’s still an unlikely victory considering Luke Cage’s immense strength and opponent’s speed.

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