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Starfield offers plenty of career paths to adventurers, and being a true pirate is one of them. On your quest for infamy, you will stumble upon the Echoes Of The Past, a third mission in a row, right after finishing Rook Meets King. It’s a multipart mission, and admittingly, I had trouble going through certain parts because I wasn’t ready for what was coming. This walkthrough guide will help you out if you’re having trouble with this mission.

How to complete Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield

To complete the Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield, you must prepare well because it’s a very long and complex mission. Be sure to fully stock up on supplies, especially medipacks, and pick your best weapon. If you’re after particular weapon specializations, this is the time to go hunting for them because you will be fighting many enemies.

How to acquire Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

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To acquire Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield, you must first complete the Rook Meets King. As a part of the Crimson Fleet trials, you will be sent on another mission together with Delgado and another rookie fighter called Mathis. Jump to the Kryx System and look for the planet Suvorov. Land on the Lock to proceed.

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How to secure the area outside The Lock in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

At the very beginning, you must clear out the outer area of the outpost from the Grylloba. They are bug-like aliens that aren’t too hard to kill but can swarm you if left unattended. I find the sounds they make extremely unpleasant, so I played this mission with the volume turned down. Stick to the rest of your buddies until you clear the area entirely so you don’t risk getting blindsided.

Exploring The Lock in the Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

After Delgado uses an ID card to unlock the doors, you will find yourself inside The Lock, an underground prison facility. Start descending multiple flights of stairs until you reach the bottom. Unfortunately, the entire facility is overrun by the Grylloba aliens on the inside as it was out. Once you reach the prisoner admission area, you will have to fight them almost every step of the way from that point on.

Once Delgado orders you to go to the control room to get the main doors open, a cave-in will cause you to be split up, leaving you stranded with Mathis. After a short conversation regarding the betrayal and backstabbing of Delgado, proceed to the control room to contact him. After overwriting the lockdown, your next mission is to find and enter the D-block’s guard tower. To restore the power to this prison section, look for the switch to auxiliary power in the tower room. Mathis will again approach you with the idea of dispatching Delgado. You don’t have to agree on anything yet, so respond however you like.

Your next stop is to locate the D-block guard post workstation. Get inside the guard tower to access the terminal and unlock cells in D-block section 3, where the legendary Kryx was held prisoner. Once inside the system, access D-Block Switch Control and click Unlock Section 03 Switch.

Weapon cache location in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

As an optional objective in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield, you can learn about the location of the weapons cache from the D-block guard post workstation terminal. You will learn from the file LIMS-2111A/UC that the cache is stashed within cell D-02-106 in section 2. If you decide to go for it, ensure you unlock Section 02 by accessing D-Block Switch Control.

Finding Kryx’s Cell in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

To find Kryx’s Cell in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield:

  1. Follow the navigational marker leading you to section 3 of the prison block.
  2. Once you enter the cell, interact with the table lamp to access the hidden audio log left by Kryx.
  3. Follow the clue to the lockers situated next to the showers to obtain Carter’s Gig (Evidence).
  4. Use your scanner to find an escape tunnel.
  5. Interact with the loose wall panel.
  6. Time to escape from the prison.

On your way to the shuttle gate, you will encounter many Grylloba, and they will keep spawning as you move through the area. At a certain point, you will find yourselves in the Warden’s office, where you will contact Delgado, informing you that he is the only survivor of a Grylloba attack. As you speak to him about your findings regarding Kryx, feel free to credit or scold Mathis.

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How to Beat the Juvenile Grylloba Queen in Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield

As you move toward Shuttle Bay, approaching the ending of the Echoes of the Past Mission in Starfield, you will come upon the Juvenile Grylloba Queen, which you must defeat. Multiple smaller critters will accompany her. Keeping your distance is the key to defeating her since she only has melee attacks. Watch out for when she buries herself into the ground, and keep moving so you don’t get jumped by her. Use the most powerful weapons you have in your arsenal for this fight; you’ll need it.

Once you dispose of the queen and clear the area of any critters, you can commandeer your brand-new ship. It doesn’t have too much going on in terms of weapons, but it has extensive storage space, which still goes well toward the space smuggler theme that you should have going by working for the Crimson Fleet. Once you meet back with Delgado, he will award you with Keehauler, a powerful revolver, along with credits and EXP.

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