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Starfield is the latest ARPG offering from the behemoth that is Bethesda Game Studios. This time the genre is fully blown sci-fi, with our hero dropped into a hunt for mysterious alien artifacts as part of a shadowy collective of treasure hunters. One early challenge you may face is a flying challenge. If like me flying isn’t your strong suit, here’s how to cheat the Supra Et Ultra mission piloting exam.

Supra Et Ultra Vanguard Piloting Exam Cheat – Starfield

When you dock at New Atlantis on Jemison and speak to Commander John Tuala about a possible lead on an alien artifact, he’ll also give you the opportunity to join the UC Vanguard. This involves taking a pilot’s exam, which involves beating at least three waves of attackers in a simulator. If you quiz the instructor outside the sim he’ll say you can use any means necessary within the simulator to pass, which means messing with the simulator program isn’t technically cheating…

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Supra Et Ultra pilot exam walkthrough guide

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Once you enter the simulator, note there’s a computer terminal on the wall on your right as you move from the entrance through to the piloting chair (see above). You can use it now (press E), but you won’t be able to enter the Debugging section. I suggest instead you sit in the chair and defeat the first wave (a weak simple ship) of the simulation. If you can defeat more waves without difficulty, go right ahead. But once you start failing levels (you can retake them), it’s time to hack the system.

Once you engage on a level you’re finding difficult, leave the chair (press E) and quickly move to the computer terminal. Click the Debugg button and you’ll have three options (see below). Note you can use them all at once, or on different levels by returning to the terminal for later attack waves but each cheat can only be used once per exam attempt. If you leave the simulator and try the whole exam over again, the debug cheat will have been reset and you can use it again. 

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

(Small) spoiler alert: It turns out that, once you get your final grade, this isn’t considered cheating at all. You’ll instead be praised for using your ingenuity and all the tools you had at hand to pass the exam. So don’t worry.

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