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Contraband can be some of the most valuable items you can sell the game, earning you a boatload of credit to the right buyer. However, it will also require you to try and smuggle that contraband, potentially through ship scans, and attempt to stay under the radar. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been able to install your ship with some precautionary stealth components, you’ll most likely run into some trouble with the law. That doesn’t mean you’re contraband is lost forever, though, and here’s how you can get it back!

How to get your contraband back from jail in Starfield

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If you want to avoid getting blasted out of space by the UC, you’ll most likely want to agree to go quietly when they catch you with contraband items. This just means you’ll be taken into the nearest planet jail and will most likely have to either do some time or pay the fine. However, it also means that you will temporarily lose all your contraband and stolen items. There is a way to get them back; it will just require you to be rather stealthy.

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In every jail, there should be a chest located somewhere in the security room titled “Seized Cargo,” or “Stolen Items Locker.” This holds all the items confiscated from you upon your arrest. Sometimes, these containers will be left unlocked, or you may have to try and lockpick them; either way, you’ll be able to grab all your items back. The biggest thing is trying to steal them back without getting caught.

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These rooms are almost always filled with security and soldiers watching everything. If you want to get your items back without getting caught again, you’re going to want to think about putting some skill points into the Stealth trait. This will allow you to have an indicator to detect when you are visible to other characters or not. The more you rank up your Stealth, the better chance you’ll have of staying undetected so you can steal back your items. Try to hide behind items or stay out of sight of nearby characters to better your chances as well. Some locations will be easier than others.

Once you have your items back without being seen stealing them, you can waltz right back out of the jail and continue your exploration. Just be careful not to get scanned again by securing a Shielded Cargo or Scan Jammer on your ship.

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