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In Starfield, players get to venture across the vast galaxy, collect resources, and meet new characters. While progressing through the storyline, you can complete different main and side quests. Red Tape Reclamation is a side quest where you will be faced with different choices, and one of them is handing Hank over to security. Before doing this quest, you might want to know about your options and outcomes. Here’s how to Turn Hank into Security in Starfield.

How to start Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield

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To unlock the Red Tape Reclamation, players will need to complete the Red Tape Blues and the Red Tape Turnaround side quest. Both of these quests will require speaking to Trevor. Speak to him at the mining area in Cydonia located on Mars (Sol System). After completing the abovementioned quests, the Red Tape Reclamation will become available.

Now that you are hired as an assistant, speak to Trevor about the mining equipment that is supposed to arrive. Trevor will inform you about a worker named Hank Ferraro who went to pick up the equipment. He also mentions how it was a quick trip to Gagarin (Alpha Centauri system), and was surprised that he has not returned yet. Trevor will ask you to find his whereabouts and see what’s taking him so long.

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How to find Hank Ferraro in Starfield

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To find Hank, head to the Cydonia Ship Services at the Starpost, and speak to the technician there. During the conversation, choose the dialogue option: I’m looking for information on Hank Ferraro. I was told he passed through here. He will inform you that they don’t have somebody called Hank but a Henry Ferraro. Additionally, the tech will inform that Hank took his ship, and departed.

You will get to know that Hank returned to Mars but did not land at the spaceport. He diverted the ship somewhere outside the city. You will head back to Trevor and inform him about this. Upon speaking to Trevor, he will tell you how Hank’s been complaining a lot these days and his intentions might not be good. Once again, he will ask you to look for Hank to find the missing equipment.

You will find Hank sitting at the bar called the Broken Spear in CydoniaCentral Hub. Start a conversation with him; I selected the following dialogue: I’ve got some questions for you, Hank. About the new equipment. After this, he will offer to buy you a beer. Upon selecting the dialogue option, We suspect you may have something to do with the missing equipment, Hank will tell you he’s the one who took it.

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Hank cannot afford to break his three-year contract which is why he took the equipment. Without the equipment, there will be layoffs, and he can be free without paying a dime. After he declares his sinister plan, you can select the option: Tell you what. You give me the equipment and no one ever needs to know.

Hank will agree to give back the equipment since he could end up in jail because you know his plan. Hank offers to take you to where he stashed the equipment. However, in reality, he plans on killing you with a gun.

How to turn Hank into security in Starfield

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When Hank sticks a gun to your face, you will have the following options:

  • (Persuade)We don’t have to do this, Hank. We can talk this through.
  • (Attack)Yeah, I knew you wanted me alone so you could kill me. Let’s do this.
  • Shoot me. Why?

You can choose the second option and attack him. It’s an easy fight and he will die in a jiffy. You can then return to Trevor with the equipment. You will inform him how Hank stole the equipment and later planned on killing you. He will appreciate you bringing back the equipment.

I selected the first option and tried persuading him to drop the gun. Show him sympathy and make him understand that killing is not going to solve anything. Make him realize that this isn’t the only way by selecting appropriate dialogue options and he will calm down. Hank will then ask for your help.

You will find the following options to choose from:

  • If you turn yourself in, I promise to tell them to go easy on you.
  • Sure. We’ll say pirates followed you to Mars and tried to steal the goods, but you fended them off.

If you want to turn Hank into security, then select the first option. Hank will reluctantly agree thinking this is his way of coming clean and getting out of the contract. After this, talk to Booth at Cydonia’s Security office and let him know about Hank. You can inform Booth to go easy on Hank or choose to tell him the opposite. He will be locked up in the cell and you can return to Trevor.

Choosing the second option, Hank will be happier, and won’t go to jail. You can return to Trevor and lie about Hank being attacked by the pirates by selecting the appropriate option. Trevor will be thrilled to hear the story and will believe you instantly.

Starfield Red Tape Reclamation Rewards

After completing this mission, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Iron: 50 units
  • Deimos Space Helmet
  • 100 XP

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