Starfield Stealth Sniper Build Guide

Starfield offers plenty of customization in terms of character-building, and you can fit just about any shoes you want. Even the combat roles can branched out, with the ability to take any specialization and build your character around it. I love making stealthy characters in Bethesda games, and combined with a proper set of sniper skills, it allows me to overcome difficult fights easily. This guide will cover all the key points to pull off a stealth sniper build in Starfield.

How to create a Stealth Sniper character build in Starfield

The Stealth Sniper character build is one of the most OP builds you can create, focusing on long-range combat while being able to take down opponents quickly before they know what hit them. Building your character in such a way allows you to overcome even the strongest opponents you wouldn’t necessarily be able to if you are underleveled.

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Best background and skills for the Stealth Sniper character build in Starfield

The best background for the Stealth Sniper character build in Starfield is, without a doubt, Cyber Runner. This background gives you three essential skills you will require for your playstyle:

  • Stealth: Having your character be 25% more difficult to detect when sneaking will be quintessential to this build. Additionally, suppressed weapons do an additional 5% sneak attack damage for a nice bonus on top of scoring well-placed headshots.
  • Security: This skill gives you the ability to attempt to hack Advanced locks, banking two auto attempts. Having it is a must-have in all of my Bethesda game builds because I found that, more often than not, I was able to find rare and valuable resources hidden inside locked containers, especially early on.
  • Theft: While it may look easier to just kill your targets instead of going through the trouble of pickpocketing them, certain actions can have far-reaching consequences in Starfield. Sometimes, it’s best to play it smart and pick your targets carefully.

Best Traits for the Stealth Sniper character build in Starfield

I found that the best traits for the Stealth Sniper character built in Starfield are the following:

  • Alien DNA: Health and oxygen will receive an additional boost, essential for breathing. It reduces the effectiveness of healing and food items, which I found to be easily circumvented.
  • Introvert: You receive an additional oxygen boost by traveling alone, which this build should be doing anyway.
  • Terra Firma: This trait boosts your oxygen and health during ground missions. If you plan on spending most of your time in space, feel free to pick Spaced instead.

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Best Weapons for the Stealth Sniper character build in Starfield

I like picking a sniper rifle and having a handgun on the side for the Stealth Sniper character built in Starfield. These are the weapons I found the most useful in this build so far:

  • Hard Target Rifle: This rifle is the Starfield’s equivalent to 50-caliber anti-material rifles in real life. It delivers incredible damage on its own, even more so combined with your stealth bonus. It becomes the ultimate assassin’s tool with an attached suppressor, and when combined with the following weapon traits:
  • Hitman: Provides you with the additional +15% damage while aiming.
  •  Handloading: Volatile rounds provide bonus damage but are also unstable.
  •  Shattering: Additional armor penetration.
  •  Urban Eagle Pistol: This excellent high-powered pistol provides excellent stopping power, especially if used for headshots, which you should be doing anyway with this build. Here are the best perks for the Urban Eagle:Crippling: This perk will grant you a +30% damage bonus on the next attack after hitting one of the target’s limbs. I found this perk especially useful when an all-out firefight erupts, and I must concentrate on taking out opponents as quickly as possible.
  •  Corrosive: Randomly deals corrosive damage and reduces the targets’ armor over 6 seconds. It is excellent for going around some tougher armor types.
  •  Furious: Each consecutive hit deals more damage, which goes well with the Crippling perk.

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