Steam recently Submit an update to the store’s search functionality, making it more user-friendly and efficient for gamers to navigate through the wide range of games available on the platform. As more gamers search for specific store hubs, labels, and developers, Steam’s updated search features accommodate these preferences, streamlining the process of finding desired games.

The newly launched update includes tags, developers, publishers, and franchises in the quick search function. When users start typing in the main search field, the autosuggest dropdown will display relevant matches for those categories. For example, users can search for categories such as “free to play” or single tags such as “survival” or “zombies”.

In addition, quick search results now include developers, publishers, and franchise owners, making it easier for users to find games from their favorite creators and series. For example, those searching for “Bethesda” games or wishing to explore titles within the “Star Wars” or “Final Fantasy” franchises can now easily locate them in the search results.

Another significant improvement in the search function is its improved ability to handle typos and misspelled words. This update ensures that users can find the games they want even if they make small mistakes while typing.

Steam has made sure to include these improvements in its mobile app and on the Steam website when accessed via mobile devices.

This comprehensive update to Steam store search aims to provide a seamless browsing experience to users, allowing them to effortlessly explore the variety of games available on the platform.

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