Swery 65 and Suda 51 announce ‘2.5D slasher film parody’ Hotel Barcelona for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

White Owls Inc. announced Barcelona hotel, a “2.5D slasher film parody” game led by Hidetaka “Swery 65” Suehiro and Goichi “Suda 51” Suda. It will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam in 2024.

Get the first details below, via Xbox wire.

Hotel Barcelona is the long-awaited collaboration between game design legends Swery65 and Suda51, and our Xbox digital stream brought us a never-before-seen gameplay trailer for the ‘2.5D slasher film parodic action game’. Drawing influences from across horror history, you’ll encounter everything from alien entities to AI-enhanced sharks, all while stuck in an endless time loop filled with serial killers – and only your deceased past will help you.

Both Swery and Suda appeared on the show to discuss the game. Soweri discussed the game’s unusual beginnings — Suda asked him to announce a quick collaboration, without prior discussion — and his inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s story. the shining. Suda explained that he and Souiri worked on the initial concept together – “Then, suddenly, Souiri completed a lot of development work, and Barcelona hotel come true. Most of the time, when someone talks like this, the project never materializes… but Swery made this project a reality in order to offer something to the fans.

Watch the trailer for the ad below.

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