As BioWare revisits a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s latest expansion Legacy of the Sith, one of the most intriguing aspects so far is how little nuggets laid down in the universe’s past could affect its future. One example appears in the “Disorder” cinematic trailer, which commemorates the launch of the expansion and features a machine that could change everything about how the franchise unfolds from now on.

The trailer focuses heavily on Darth Malgus, who sought to bring order to the galaxy in a different way than what the Light and Dark sides envisioned. His and others’ discovery of the aforementioned machine is the highlight of the clip. Upon distilling exactly what the object is and the aftereffects it could have should it still exist, this machine might be the most powerful weapon in the Star Wars franchise.

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In the clip, the Jedi Padawan Sa’har Kateen is seen trying to shut the machine down, while her mentor, Jedi Master Denolm Orr, fights off Malgus at an ancient Sith temple. They had taken out a battalion oof Imperial soldiers easily, but Malgus is a different kind of beast. It’s soon revealed that the machine can actually find Force-users who the Jedi tossed aside.

When Sa’har gets in range of the machine, it shows her memories of her sibling, who Orr had discarded. He took Sa’har from their family to train and weaponize for the Jedi Order, but Sa’har saw that her brother eventually got enslaved. This memory is downloaded into a holocron, which is implied to be a bank of other Force-wielders. When Orr tries to take it, Sa’har refuses, bringing out the anger, sadness and darkness within her, akin to the attachment Anakin Skywalker felt to his bride, which ultimately led to him becoming Darth Vader.

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Orr brings the entire temple down, crushing the machine, but is ultimately killed by Malgus. However, the villain leaves Sa’har alive after taking the relic, warning her to follow her heart and soul and realize that both the Jedi and Sith are corrupt. Only acceptance of this can free her to reshape the galaxy. Now, this machine poses a lot of problems should others exist. Malgus could use them to find other rejected Jedi candidates and convert them to his middle-ground legion, away from the Sith but not near the Light. He could also find Force-wielders before the Jedi approach them, making them extremists akin to how Cerebro worked for Professor Xavier and his X-Men.

Malgus may even be able to use the machines to find Dark Side candidates he’d want following his vision and not the Sith’s. What’s interesting is he can also use the machine to track and kill users of both sides if he deemed them to be threats to his philosophies. It’s a massive revelation and whether there’s another machine or just holocrons filled with all this data, this arc can be expanded later down the line in movies and TV shows.

It’d provide intel on tracking down descendants of forgotten souls — some who might feel unworthy, some who might have untapped potential and some who are misguided and seeking purpose. They’d be vulnerable, allowing the rise of a new army Rey and the Resistance would have to worry about. As for who’d be behind this recruitment tool for the zealots, seeing as Malgus left his diary for Palpatine and Vader to use, new villains could be tempted à la Vader and Kylo Ren, eager to create weapons of mass destruction to fix the galaxy.

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