Chucky showrunner Don Mancini hints that a crossover with a classic Universal horror franchise could be on the cards for the SyFy show.

Talks and rumors about a crossover between the chucky The franchise and other horror properties are almost as old as the evil Good Guy doll. Now its creator, Don Mancini, is hinting at concrete plans to introduce the killer doll to other monsters and villains.

“You’ve probably read or heard about how I always wanted to make a Freddy [Krueger] against Chucky’s crossover. I think it would be a lot of fun,” Mancini said. “But now that we’re doing well in this different medium at Universal, there are other Universal-owned monsters that could theoretically be at our disposal. So, it’s something we do talk about. I’ll put it that way… I won’t say a lot about it, but stay tuned. It’s definitely an interest of mine as well.”

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At Universal, Mancini is able to take advantage of a large group of freaks and lunatics. The company has been in the horror franchise business since it followed 1931. dracula with daughter of dracula Y Frankenstein with bride of frankenstein (followed by son of dracula Y son of frankenstein respectively). Mancini has already paid homage to Universal’s sequel naming conventions by choosing titles like bride of chucky either seed of chucky for some of the last Child’s play films.

However, Mancini doesn’t need to go back to the classics for a crossover. Chucky could also take on the new doll in town, the overprotective killer robot. M3GAN. “I haven’t seen the movie. All I’ve seen is what everyone else has seen and that’s a lot of fun. I wouldn’t object,” Mancini said.

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Mancini created the character Chucky with John Lafia for the 1988 horror hit. Child’s play and has been with the franchise ever since as a writer, director, and producer. Starting out as a fairly straightforward high-concept horror franchise about a doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, the series has been gently rebooted as a tongue-in-cheek dark comedy affair with 1998. bride of chucky. With over three decades in the business, the previously simple concept has amassed considerable mythology and recurring characters, many of whom appear on the SyFy series.

chucky, which just finished its second season, has rejuvenated interest in the world of killer doll after the 2010s saw diminishing returns with new movies going straight-to-video and a remake with disappointing numbers at the box office. Season 2 is now available to watch on SyFy.



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