The Tale of Food is a food-based gacha RPG. Players can enjoy a delightful and thrilling story as they progress the game and uncover this heartwarming tale. Collect characters with food-themed names and defeat your enemies along the way. You can even decorate your home to match your personality and food preferences.

The Tale of Food lets you use codes to claim in-game rewards. These rewards vary based on the code, but you can get different prizes like shells, food items, characters, and more. Be sure to check out more code stories like Honkai Impact Codes on Pro Game Guides.

All Tale of Food Codes (April 2023)

Tale of Food Codes (Working)

  • GIFT-A—Redeem to get 5,000x Shells
  • GIFT-B—Redeem to get 2x 200% Efficiency Rune
  • GIFT-C—Redeem to get 1x Bunny Bun (Small)
  • GIFT-D—Redeem to get 30x Miracle Sotone
  • FOODSTORY—Redeem to get 1x Speedup Oil, 1x Favor Giftbox, 1x Star Up Case (R), 1x Ingredients Case
  • FOOD2023—Redeem to get 1x New Moon Plums
  • FOOD333—Redeem to get 1x Yangzhou Rice
  • FOOD777—Redeem to get 1x Pentachrome Soil (S), 5,000x Shells, 1x Speedup Soap, 1x 200% Efficiency Rune
  • TOF2023—Redeem to get 1x Bunny Bun, 50x Miracle Stone, 5,000x Shells, 1x 200% Efficiency Rune
  • TOFGIFT—Redeem to get 50x Miracle Stone, 2x 200% Efficiency Rune
  • TOFGRANDOPEN—Redeem to get 1x Bunny Bun (M), 1x Tasty Eight, 1x Soul Core Crest

Tale of Food Codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes for Tale of Food.

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How to redeem codes in Tale of Food

You must first complete the tutorial before you can redeem codes in Tale of Food. Once you have done this, the code redemption method will become available. Here is how to redeem codes in Tale of Food.

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  • Click the Settings button in the top-right corner.
  • Select Pack Exchange.
  • Input the code.
  • Click Pack Exchange.

How can you get more Tale of Food codes?

More codes for The Tale of Food can be found by following the game’s social outlets. This includes various sources, such as the Tale of Food Official Community Discord, @Tale_of_Food_EN on Twitter, and The Tale of Food Facebook. Bookmark this page to stay updated on all new codes for Tale of Food.

Why are my Tale of Food codes not working?

There are multiple reasons codes do not work in Tale of Food, but all are controlled by the developer. This is who determines the rewards they provide and their expiration date. If you attempt to use a code past its expiration, it will no longer work. Other reasons a code does not work include the code not being active yet or misspellings, so verify the expiration date and correct spelling of a code before trying to redeem it. You can prevent this issue by bookmarking this page and checking back often to see if Tale of Food has added new codes or if some have expired. If you notice that a code no longer works, let us know! We’ll update the list accordingly once we verify.

How to get Characters in Tale of Food

As you progress in Tale of Food, you will unlock more characters. This allows you to build your formations and team differently, trying out new combos. You will unlock characters naturally as you progress through the story. But the primary way to get more characters in Tale of Food is through the gacha system. This gives you a random chance to pull different characters and add them to you team.

What is Tale of Food?

The Tale of Food is a bite-sizied RPG perfect for mobile gaming. Collect characters through a gacha system and build a team of formidable and delicious warriors. You’ll uncover a heartwarming story as you progress through the game, especially as you learn more about the in-game lore.

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