Black Clover’s progress in reputation has made it one of many prime collection to seem in Weekly Shonen Jump. As a narrative that takes place in a world of magic, it options quite a few highly effective characters, and most have garnered fanbases worldwide since showing within the collection.

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Many of the wizards — and later devils — that seem in Black Clover use sturdy help magic mix powers to overwhelm their opponents. These characters have earned reputations for having unimaginable magic capabilities, combating skills, and general fight energy.

Updated on September twenty second, 2021 by Kennedy King: As Black Clover’s manga strikes into its ultimate arc, the stakes are increased than ever. Its beloved forged is approaching the top of their respective character arcs, and in consequence, their powers have elevated. The struggle towards the Dark Triad could have taken its toll on the Clover Kingdom, however it additionally proved that there are numerous younger wizards champing on the bit to show their magical prowess.

20 Patolli Has An Infinite Reserve Of Mana

As the chief of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Patolli is extremely highly effective. His energy lets him manipulate gentle, and his actions are versatile. Patolli can fireplace a number of high-speed projectiles from a distance, transfer at gentle velocity, and assault with weapons of sunshine. He may even use his gentle to heal himself.

After succumbing to despair and turning into a darkish elf, Patolli’s magic developed into Demon Light magic. In this state, his velocity and energy drastically elevated. Not even the teamwork of a remodeled Asta and Yuno may cease him. Even after Asta returned Patolli to regular, he retained the flexibility to make use of this magic.

19 Zagred Introduced Fans To The Power Of Devils

As the mastermind behind the elves’ bloodbath and turning Patolli into an extremist, Zagred is the very incarnation of evil. Upon his debut, he was additionally probably the most highly effective character to have ever appeared in Black Clover, and because of his World Soul Magic, the Devil may modify its environment simply by talking.

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After acquiring a Grimoire of Despair, this Devil’s energy elevated to the purpose the place it summoned giant plenty of demonic power that absorbed mana and the life pressure of dwelling beings. Even the mixed powers of Licht and Lumiere weren’t sufficient to erase this monstrosity from existence.

18 Lolopechka Has Overwhelming Magic


An image of Lolopechka , Mimosa, and Noelle from Black Clover

It’s not a shock that Lolopechka has overwhelming magic because the ruler of the Hearts Kingdom. True bravery and energy stemmed from her station, and all through the collection, she repeatedly demonstrated her willingness to threat her personal life to guard the dominion.

The queen’s attachment to the pure mana of the Heart Kingdom is why she has a seemingly never-ending quantity of mana to assist others and defeat her enemies. Even although Lolopechka’s fight expertise may use some growth, her never-ending mana reserve greater than makes up for it.

17 Nozel Silva’s Power Is Immense

While he could also be boastful and look down on commoners, there is no denying Nozel Silva’s immense magic energy. After consistently coaching in Mercury Magic, Nozel may adapt to any scenario, even towards mages with an influence benefit.

The magic’s versatility allowed Nozel to create a wide range of shapes and varieties to both assault, defend, or transport himself and others. When Patolli turned a darkish elf, Nozel wasn’t in the slightest degree involved together with his improve in energy. By solidifying his mercury right into a reflective floor, Nozel trapped Patolli and defeated him by reflecting his darkish gentle assaults again at him.

16 Vanica’s Powers Come From Possession

Although she is a member of the Dark Triad and possessed by the satan Megicula, Vanica is a reasonably comfortable wizard. One of the extra highly effective on this planet of Black Clover, her Blood Magic is powerful sufficient by itself. In mixture along with her satan’s curse magic, it turns into a devastating risk to humanity.

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As along with her siblings and different satan hosts, Vanica possesses superhuman skills that push the boundaries of power-scaling within the collection. Her superhuman skills show to be a nigh-unsurmountable hurdle time and time once more.

15 Nacht Faust Deserves His Own Magic Knight Squad

Every Magic Knight Squad is supplied with two issues by rule: a captain and a vice-captain. The Black Bulls’ captain and his squad are clearly the strongest within the collection, so it solely follows go well with that their mysterious vice-captain, Nacht Faust, would even be a formidable particular person.

The Faust household has a historical past of binding devils to their ranks, and as evidenced by Nacht’s backstory, he was some of the gifted people to use this craft. Nacht has quite a few devils underneath his management, and together with his information, he is an important a part of defeating the demonic risk.

14 Mereoleona Vermillion Is A Scary Wizard

Mereoleona is likely one of the strongest members of royalty within the Clover Kingdom. That she makes even Yami really feel nervous speaks volumes about how highly effective she is. Besides being one of many strongest customers of Fire Magic, Mereoleona is very expert in hand-to-hand fight.

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Mereoleona proved an professional in utilizing the Mana Zone method to foretell her opponents’ strikes and manipulate the mana round her to unleash explosive blasts of Fire Magic able to destroying strong stone. Mereoleona was so assured in her skills that she didn’t hesitate to tackle 5 reincarnated elves — together with a magic knight captain — by herself.

13 Fuegoleon Vermillion Could Be The Next Wizard King

As one of many candidates for Wizard King, Fuegoleon Vermillion stands on the pinnacle of Magic Knights within the Clover Kingdom. Like his sister Mereoleona, Fuegoleon is a strong manipulator of Fire Magic. He’s additionally the neatest out of all of the Grand Magic Knights.

Fuegoleon can simply wipe out giant teams of enemies with giant blasts of fireplace, together with concentrated beams, to incinerate particular targets. Despite being in a coma, Fuegoleon’s energy hasn’t diminished. If something, he’s change into even stronger since regaining consciousness. As the present associate of the Fire Spirit Salamander, there is no telling how a lot stronger this wizard will change into.

12 The Queen Of Witches Has Centuries of Experience

While little is understood about her, the Queen of the witches is taken into account some of the highly effective magic customers in Black Clover. Her Blood Magic grants her full management over the human physique, and with tons of of years of expertise, she will simply heal limbs and deadly accidents.

Furthermore, the Queen of Witches can take away magical afflictions, such because the curse Vetto positioned on Asta’s arms. She additionally has the flexibility to create constructs of blood to assault or restrain her opponents or manipulate them through their blood. Even the strong-willed Asta could not cease the Queen of Witches from making him kill his comrades in a number of alternate futures.

11 Lumiere Becomes The First Wizard King

Born among the many ranks of royalty, Lumiere is a magical prodigy who turns into the primary Wizard King. Like Patrolli, he possesses a four-leaf clover grimoire that permits him to make use of Light Magic, however on a a lot bigger scale. Lumiere’s overwhelming skills enable him to sense magical energies which are miles away from his location.

Lumiere can immediately journey or assault lengthy distances with high-speed Light Magic, as evidenced by his speedy arrival within the Clover Kingdom in the course of the Elven Rebirth. Using Mana Zone, Lumiere can take management of the encircling mana to unleash a number of concentrated blasts of sunshine. During his ultimate confrontation with the traditional demon, he even creates big constructs of sunshine to place an finish to its rampage.

10 Licht Is The Original Holder Of Asta’s Grimoire

While Patolli could have taken his identify, his powers are nothing compared to the true Licht. As the unique holder of Asta’s grimoire and the creator of his swords, Licht used powers Asta wasn’t but conscious of. For instance, after reclaiming the Demon Dweller Sword, the vary and quantity of mana he may soak up proved far superior to what Asta was able to.

By drawing on the facility of his fellow elves, Licht can unleash concentrated magical power in a single slash. After turning into an historic Demon, Licht’s energy rivaled that of Lumiere’s. Even if he was finally defeated, Licht pushed Lumiere to the brink of dying.

9 Zenon Zogratis Can Manifest Dual Mana

Another member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, Zenon Zogratis is considerably extra highly effective than his sister, Vanica. Before his defeat at Yuno’s palms, Zenon may concurrently deal with two types of magic without delay. His bone magic created tangles of sharp and lethal bones, and his spatial magic created cubes of mana over which he had full dominion.

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Additionally, Zenon may entry 100% of his satan’s energy. Since he was supposedly one of many strongest possessors, this meant Zenon’s powers had been virtually unmeasurable at full energy, and it took one of the best efforts of probably the most naturally gifted wizard in existence to defeat him.

8 Adrammelech’s Horns Could Be A Sign Of An Immense Threat*

There are quite a few devils depicted all through Black Clover, and though the vary of their skills varies considerably, their energy is basically represented by the variety of horns on their heads — 4 being the strongest. Armed with that information, it seems that Adrammelech’s unassuming nature should belie its true energy.

Adrammelech seems in direction of the top of the Spade Kingdom arc, shortly revealing it feels utterly secure ignoring the orders of highly effective devils like Lucifero. Having aligned with Lucius Zogratis, Adrammelech will undoubtedly return within the close to future.

7 Lucifugus Wiped Out Nacht’s Entire Family

While Black Clover makes it clear there are hordes of devils residing within the Underworld, it additionally establishes a hierarchy of power-specific tiers to categorise them. Only a number of of the highest-ranking of devils, often called Supreme Devils, have been proven. Yet, one specific Devil stands out for the scary energy it displayed: Lucifugus.

Nacht Faust, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, comes from a household devoted to binding devils to their will. After Nacht proved his devil-taming skills, his father tried to have him management Lucifugus, just for the Supreme Devil’s mere presence to kill a lot of the Faust household.

6 Lily Aquaria Now Hosts The Second-Strongest Devil In Existence*

At the start of Black Clover, Sister Lily was a lovable caretaker who sorted Asta and Yuno. Her growth all through the collection felt largely restricted, and till just lately, she had but to attain any notable stage of energy. However, after her encounter with Lucius Zogratis, every thing modified.

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Lucius possessed the facility to purify devils, redistributing their energy to people as he noticed match. He first demonstrated this potential on Sister Lily, forcing her to function the host of the extremely highly effective (and now purified) Beelzebub. She simply repelled Noelle, Mimosa, and Nero instantly after acquiring this energy, signaling that the height of her energy could but lie forward.

5 Yami Sukehiro Is Both Magic & Brute Force

When push involves shove, Yami is the final particular person somebody needs to have as their enemy. His potential to surpass his personal limits makes him one of many strongest captains when it comes to each magic and brute pressure.

Yami’s Darkness Magic permits him to attract in and soak up all types of mana, create protecting obstacles, and fireplace waves of condensed darkness channeled by means of his katana. Thanks to his mastery of Ki, he can sense the presence of his enemies and react to their assaults with superhuman velocity. When at full energy, Yami can minimize by means of something, together with dimensions and Spatial Magic.

4 Yuno Refuses To Be Outdone By Asta

Yuno’s trajectory has rivaled Asta’s for the reason that starting of Black Clover. At a number of factors within the collection, there existed a official argument that the person of the four-leaf grimoire was even stronger than his anti-magic wielding companion. As somebody blessed by mana itself, Yuno was certain to be a formidable opponent.

Yuno’s pure expertise is off the charts and has elevated because of the unimaginable quantity of arduous work the vice-captain has poured into his pursuit of turning into Wizard King. This, coupled together with his newly found Star Magic, makes Yuno one of many strongest characters in your complete present.

3 Asta Is The Most Powerful Wizard ln Clover Kingdom

“I’ll surpass my limits.” This is what Asta, Black Clover’s important protagonist, repeatedly says all through the collection. After doing so time and time once more, he is change into the Clover Kingdom’s strongest wizard. Armed with the assistance of Liebe, the satan his hosts, nothing can stand in Asta’s method.

Asta’s wrestle to navigate being born with out magic has turned him into an unimaginable fighter, whose dedication and battle savvy know no bounds. Whether he’ll change into the subsequent Wizard King stays to be seen, however it’s a title he undoubtedly deserves.

2 Lucifero Presides Over Hell Itself*

Most of Black Clover has been characterised by the Clover Kingdom’s struggle towards Devils, and nowhere is their demonic risk extra clearly represented than the ruler of the Underworld, Lucifero. While he is initially launched to the collection because the satan inhabiting Dante, his true energy is not absolutely demonstrated till he escapes with half of his energy to the world of the dwelling.

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It takes the mixed forces of all of the collection’ important characters to face an opportunity towards this nigh-omniscient risk. Lucifero’s gravity magic can alter the pure world itself, and with out distinctive people like Asta, Nacht, and Yami, this satan could have been unattainable to defeat.

1 Lucius Zogratis Is The Show’s Biggest Threat

As the latest Wizard King, Julius Novachrono was probably the most highly effective mage within the Clover Kingdom. Unlike others, he possessed a singular grimoire that used a magic attribute permitting him to cease, speed up, decelerate, or reverse the circulation of time. However, Novachrono was just lately revealed to really be Lucius, the eldest Zogratis sibling, bringing all this into query.

As the Wizard King, Lucius Zogratis is extremely highly effective, demonstrating energy that surpasses virtually each different character within the collection. Knowing the previous member of the Spade Kingdom hosted Astaroth, one of many Underworld’s strongest Devils, his catastrophic potential is unimaginable — particularly contemplating he consumed Lucifero’s coronary heart after besting him with ease.

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