While Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can be open world, allowing the trainer to battle gyms in any order, there is a way that makes the task easier.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it’s a real open world Pokemon game, and this means that gyms can be tackled in any order the player wishes. In previous iterations of the franchise, players would be forced to take on gyms in a specific order in order to progress. This prevented the player from facing a gym in which their Pokémon were below level. In scarlet and violetthere is no system in place to prevent this from happening.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus it was a mostly open world game that allowed trainers to explore however they wanted. However, even this title had barriers that would force players to reach a certain level before more areas were unlocked. Weather Pokemon Scarlet and Violet they don’t have such barriers, they use leveling to push the trainer towards a specific gym order.

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The best order to tackle gyms is based on levels

A trainer approaches a Pokémon Sandy Shocks Paradox in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

By tracking the levels of each Gym Leader, Pokemon can point out Trainers in the best order to tackle Gyms. The best order to follow is Bug, Grass, Electric, Water, Normal, Ghost, Psychic, and Ice. The Bug and Grass type gyms have teams with Pokémon below level 20, the Electric gym is in the mid 20s, the Normal gym is in the mid 30s, and finally the last three gyms are all in the 40s, with the Ghost Gym being on the low side of the spectrum and the Ice Gym having the strongest Pokemon with a level 48 Altaria. Even if a trainer has a higher level team, he’ll want to approach it cautiously since gym leaders can use Terastallizing. Most Gym Leaders will only fight three Pokémon, so whenever a trainer comes to fight a full team of leveled Pokémon, he should be able to win.

While following a level order is not the only way to approach gyms, it is the most effective. Trainers will still want to take on Gyms with type differences in mind, as a Water team closer to level 30 will be fighting a group of mid-20s Electric Pokemon. Some Trainers can also use brute force to break through. , as they can use a full team of six, but Gym Leaders are leaders for a reason and can use items in the same way as the Challenging Trainer.

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There are multiple factors that the player must consider to determine the advantage

A Paradox Pokémon from the Iron Pack appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Elite Four and Champion battles are where trainers must consider all aspects of a Pokémon battle. All members of the Elite Four battle with five Pokémon, and the Champion has a full team of six. The lowest level Pokémon in the Elite Four are level 57, and the strongest is a level 61 Baxcalibur. After a trainer takes out the Elite Four, they can take on the Champion, who fights with a level 62 Glimmora. Coaches will need to be very careful not to approach these challenges with little preparation or low level. All of these trainers fight Pokemon that can use Terastallizing and have powerful types, using type advantages whenever possible. The varied composition of the team of high-level Pokémon is the key to victory.

Regardless of how a trainer decides to fight a gym, they will always have their team in mind. Type advantages can outweigh level differences. A stronger Pokemon can be beaten by a Pokemon that is faster and can land more hits on its opponent first. However, the easiest and most direct method for many trainers comes down to a simple level advantage.


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