Equestrian 2the famous medieval version of hack-and-slash from developer Torn Banner Studios, has just released a new update called “Raiding Party” along with a trailer for the game.

The update will be free for PS Plus members, and is available today. It features the new Sacking of Bridgetown map, Heavy Cavalry Sword, and a Cross-Play Party Beta that allows friends on different platforms to matchmaking.

Equestrian 2 Originally released in June 2021, it’s now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Starting tomorrow, May 2nd, fans can play too Equestrian 2 As a monthly PS Plus game. You can watch the full Raiding Party trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

This vast new content is always appreciated, especially two years after its release. But its real highlight is the cross-platform offering of parties, which is still in beta, but is a long-requested feature that should help renew a lot of interest.

Domain Equestrian 2 Battles play a huge part in its appeal, and contribute deeply to the gritty medieval theme. While cross-platform play was possible, the chance to team up with friends early on would certainly create more of a team dynamic that promotes immersion and coordination.

As a result, the battlefield will become more strategic and more intense in cross-play lobbies, and players will only need simple invite codes to get started. On a new PlayStation blog postHowever, the developers have weathered any backlash by reminding players that the feature is still in beta, and that it has already been improved.

There are hints of fun in all the new features that make Equestrian 2 Do not forget. The chance to wield a heavy cavalry sword and lead a charge, or aim to throw nobles out of windows, adds up to a creative and absurd mayhem.

You can read more about Equestrian 2 Torn Banner Studios and other hack and slash updates by checking the rest of our news section.

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