The creators of Fe and Lost in Random have formed MoonHood, developing a dark claymation game for console, PC, and VR


MoonHood, a new studio founded by creative minds Lost at random, Giant ghostAnd Iron, announced its founding. She is currently working on a dark game made of clay, which will be published by Fast Travel Games for console, PC, and VR platforms.

“This sinister game will immerse players in strange worlds made of tangible materials such as real clay, and will be transformed into detailed 3D models,” the press release said. “In the game, players will follow a warm and dark story as they delve into innovative gameplay mechanics, encounter terrifying monsters, and traverse landscapes that are as strange as they are beautiful.”

MoonHood was founded by Klaus Lengeld and Olof Riedmalm. Lyngeled served as creative director at Zoink Games from 2003 to 2022, and as CEO from 2001 to 2022. Redmalm worked at Zoink Games for seven years, working as a concept artist, 3D artist, and art director, as well as game director. both of them Lost at random And Giant ghost.

“Our team at MoonHood is on a new creative path with our first studio title, using organic media and 3D scanning to bring physical art into the digital landscape,” said Klaus Lengeld, co-director of MoonHood, in the press release. “With Fast Travel Games as our publishing partner, we can ensure our dark, gritty, and poetic adventure reaches players far and wide. Follow us on social media to see some of our character sculpts, and let us know which ones you’re looking forward to seeing more of in the game.”

Patrick Liu, Head of Publishing at Fast Travel Games, added: “At Fast Travel, we aim to bring unforgettable VR games to audiences, and we’re thrilled to help deliver amazing PC and console games as part of that. By partnering with talented creators At MoonHood, we can continue working towards this goal by creating a surreal game that has not yet been seen on any platform. MoonHood’s team of seasoned storytellers and artists have taken imaginative ideas from the imagination and brought them stunningly to life using real clay sculptures, making it a game that… Must play it.

Watch the studio’s teaser video below.

Teaser for the studio


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