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Naughty Dog recently Confirmed on Twitter They are actively working on patch 1.0.4 for the first part of The Last of Us for PC, which is scheduled to be released next week. The announcement assures players that the patch will include frame rate improvements, graphic and texture resolution improvements, crash fixes, and more.

The launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC faced multiple challenges, necessitating several patches to address a wide range of issues. Known bugs players have encountered include longer than expected shader loading times, degraded performance and stability while loading shaders in the background, and issues arising from outdated graphics drivers. Some players have reported being unable to run the game even when the minimum system requirements are met, as well as possible memory leaks, mouse and camera jittering depending on hardware and display settings, and corrupted or neon textures in the game.

Here’s a look at both Currently known bugs They are recognized by Naughty Dog:

  • Loading shaders is taking longer than expected
  • Performance and stability deteriorate while loading shadows in the background
  • Older graphics drivers lead to instability and/or graphic issues
  • The game may not be able to boot even though the minimum system requirements are met
  • Possible memory leak
  • Mouse and camera shake for some operators, depending on hardware and display settings
  • Neon theme/textures in the game are corrupted

If you don’t see your error in the list, be sure to head to Files Application Form Let them know about the issues you’re having with the game so they can be resolved.

With the upcoming release of Patch 1.0.4, Naughty Dog aims to resolve the remaining bugs so that players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any disturbances.

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