The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Goodbye, O Zemuria, second web commercial; more detailed characters and locations

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■ Characters (voice of Kazuyuki Okitsu)

Kevin Graham

“You know what you’re doing right? You are, without a doubt, evil and an enemy of Zemuria.”

A traveling priest of the Septian Church and Domain No. 5 of the Gralsritter. He is also known as the “Guardian of a Thousand Hands”. While at first glance he seems like a friendly and kind-hearted young man, he has great dedication towards his mission, sometimes even carrying out ruthless trials.

He used to call himself the “Heretic Hunter” and secretly punished those the Church considered illegal. But after a certain incident, he looked back at his past and, along with the squire Ries, decided to use his powers to “protect,” not punish.

In The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Goodbye O ZemuriaHe appears to be on a Church mission and appears to be trying to contact Rufus, a man who threw away his past…

Rufus Albarea (voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa)

“I can do it. Without hesitation. Wow, I’m ‘inhuman’ after all.”

Former first Governor General of Crossbell and man of the great aristocratic family of Duke Albarea of ​​the Erebonian Empire.

He was imprisoned as a war criminal after the Great War, but two and a half years ago, during the second Crossbell incident, an impostor posing as Rufus appeared, so he operated as the masked knight C. After meeting Swin, Nadia and Lapis. , he has the opportunity to reevaluate his life.

Following the incident, Rufus discarded his past and acted secretly with Lapis and company to ensure the future of Zemuria, while also being marked by his former enemy, the Republic’s Central Intelligence Department.

Rosenberg Lapis Lazuli (voice of Azumi Waki)

“It’s cute and elegant, right? Rufus helped me choose it!

An artificial intelligence from the technological singularity Elysium that inhabits an orbal doll manufactured by Rosenberg Studio.

She has human susceptibility, like being obsessed with giving things cute names and always trying to eat more, but she also has enormous processing capabilities like artificial intelligence.

During a strange incident in the Republic, his artificial intelligence was overwritten and used, but thanks to the Arkride Solutions Office, the Bracer Guild, Swin and company, he managed to regain his original personality.

After this, he went to Ored with Rufus and transferred his artificial intelligence into a new body thanks to the technical prowess of Meister Jorg and the Marduk Total Security Company.

Swin Abel (voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara)

“I’m here because I was able to face something… no, someone I care about like you.”

A former assassin who escaped from the Garden assassin organization and wields a special set of dual swords that can combine and create “marks.”

Although he may seem dry and rationalistic at first glance, deep down he is not an insensitive man, but rather a simple man of common sense. After escaping the Garden with Nadia, they swore an oath to never take anyone’s life again and began a new life with Rufus and Lapis.

In The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Goodbye O ZemuriaHe is sent on a mission with Rufus, but runs into Kevin, who is targeting Garden’s assassins as part of his illegal hunt…

Nadia Rayne (voice of Manaka Iwami)

“This is normal for our leader. Could he be similar to that ‘Oath Breaker’ person?

A former assassin and Swin’s partner who uses her “Baron Bear”, a stuffed animal with special needs and hidden tools, as a weapon.

She is often found to be lazy or sycophantic around Swin, but is actually a realist with a cold and serious way of thinking.

She cares about her partner Swin more than anyone, and secretly supports him by using her incredible calculation skills to analyze information and prevent threats from others.

Perhaps due to his keen sense of threat detection, he is constantly suspicious of Kevin’s actions.

Elaine Auclair (voice of Chiwa Saito)

“I can’t let the Society get away with this. Regardless of what they are trying to achieve.”

An A-rank wristguard known by the name “Sword of Beauty” for her beauty and mastery of the sword.

He comes from a distinguished family that runs the candy manufacturer Quincy Company, but after graduating high school, he overcame his family’s opposition and walked his own path to become a bracer. While still understanding their respective positions, he was slowly able to rebuild a relationship with Van, his childhood friend and former school girlfriend with whom he overcame several incidents that occurred in the Republic.

In the midst of this… Elaine learns that anti-immigration organizations around Zemuria are taking action in sync with the Republic’s Startaker Project and begins her investigation as a backup.

Rene Kincaid (voice of Jun Fukuyama)

“It’s classified. You should know this as the head of the Arkride Solutions Office.”

Assistant and agent of the Central Intelligence Department. He handles an enormous amount of work and at the same time performs operations in the field. He resolutely fulfills his duties even against those in power, so even President Gramheart respects him.

He is like an older brother to Van and Elaine and, although he is aware of their different positions, he looks after them warmly.

However, as Project Startaker enters its operations phase and the Central Intelligence Department focuses its resources on the plan, his position makes it more difficult to maintain the relationship he previously had.

■ Settings/Keywords

Raval neighborhood (Decimo Burrough)

A quiet residential district located on the hillside of the capital of the Republic, Edith.

While the terrain is somewhat hilly, it is popular among the wealthy for its excellent living conditions, such as a park with views of the entire city and its relatively easy access to the Capital Highway.

Agnes’s family home, the Gramheart residence, and the homes of her childhood friends Odette and Albert are also located in the area.

Chardin District (burrough 11)

A district famous for sightseeing in the capital of the Republic, Edith.

It is popular among foreign tourists for its various facilities such as El Chardin, a large theater in the main square that hosts various performances; the Mérida betting house, which also influences the popularity of Zenith-1 races; and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art which houses many works by emerging artists.

The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Goodbye O Zemuria It will be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on September 26 in Japan.

If you missed our previous coverage, read more about the characters, story, and new elements of the game’s battle system here and here.

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