The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak II is coming to the West in early 2025

NIS America to launch The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Dawn II for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via SteamEpic Games Store and GOG coming in early 2025 in the West, the publisher announced.

The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Dawn II It is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch in Japan and Asia, as well as for PC via Steam in Asia.

Here’s an overview of the game, via NIS America:


No longer threatened by the Almata mafia organization, the inhabitants of Calvard have returned to a peaceful life. But one day, a series of shocking murders involving a mysterious crimson beast sets the wheels of fate in motion again. Several factions spring into action: both those who abide by the law to uncover the truth and those who seek to profit from any news, no matter how sinister.

With chaos once again looming on the horizon, the spriggan Van Arkride receives an unexpected visitor, prompting his own investigation. Who is behind the murders and what is their goal? The sands of time bring together old and new faces in this thrilling second installment of the series. Trails at dawn saga.


Year 1209 of the Septian Calendar.

The threat posed by Almata has passed. Peace has finally returned to Calvard. And for a time, that peace is undisturbed, until a CID special forces unit is killed by an unknown assailant.

While authorities work to contain the situation, criminal forces are taking advantage of the opportunity to make their own moves.

Meanwhile, a spriggan named Van Arkride begins his own investigation, spurred on by an unexpected visitor.

Who could be responsible for this massacre? What was their goal? And how does all this relate to Agnes’s search in Genesis 8?

The roar of a crimson beast. A chance encounter with a boy and a girl, both embroiled in a mysterious quest. These are the circumstances that lead Arkride Solutions down the path of an inescapable destiny.


  • Battle system – The game builds on the seamless transition between field battles and command battles introduced in the previous game with new mechanics that can be used in both: Cross Charge and EX Chains! Mastering the use of these two mechanics combined can give you overwhelming firepower to use against your opponents.
  • Cross charge – If you manage to perfectly dodge an enemy’s attack during a Battle Royale, the Cross Charge icon will appear! If you press the correct button while the icon is on-screen, another party member will join your team and simultaneously execute a charge attack on your enemy. As an added benefit, the party member you switch to will have enhanced attack power for a period of time.
  • EX chains – EX Chains can be activated by meeting specific conditions during Command Battles. Once these conditions are met, using a skill or normal attack on a stunned enemy will automatically activate an EX Chain! This allows party members with SCLM activated to launch a simultaneous attack that will also hit nearby enemies for massive damage.
  • Choose your chapters – Van and his associates won’t always be traveling together during the events of Trails through Daybreak II. Sometimes, some members of the party may split up to take on tasks in different areas of Calvard at the same time. Because of this, each Act contains multiple chapters that you can play in any order. Progress through the story in any order you choose! Each chapter features a different cast of characters as we see their side of the Act’s story unfold. Once you’ve completed your chosen chapter, the next one will automatically begin.
  • Unique Missions – Some chapters will feature missions that utilize the unique abilities of the characters in that chapter’s party. For example, directly controlling the holographic core AI, Mare, to hack into the Orbal Network, or using Swin to silently track a suspicious individual.


  • Arkride van – The man at the head of Arkride Solutions. A lover of sweets, saunas, and orb cars. Due to his job as a spriggan, Van has a tendency to take on legally questionable jobs. However, the fact that he occasionally walks outside the law doesn’t stop him from doing good for others, as evidenced by his numerous personal contacts. While tracking the Oct-Geneses at Agnes’ request, Van developed the ability to transform into an armored form known as Grendel with the help of Mare, the holographic core installed within his combat orb. It was with this newfound ability that he was able to hold his own against the mafia group known as Almata. Having terrorized the entire Republic, Almata was eventually defeated by the Arkride Solutions team during the fight for the Oct-Geneses. After quelling this threat, however, they decided to temporarily go their separate ways. Now, left to fend for themselves in a drab office, Van is free to return to his lone wolf lifestyle once more.
  • Agnes Claudel – A first-year student at the prestigious Aramis Academy who currently serves on its Student Council. Despite her polite way of speaking and sometimes docile demeanor, Agnes has shown great strength and determination while working at Arkride Solutions, especially when faced with the seedier sectors of society. Agnes met Van while searching for eight prototype orbs known as Oct-Geneses, which she inherited from her great-grandfather. As thanks for accepting his request, she began working as one of Arkride Solution’s part-time assistants. Currently, Agnes has recovered seven of the eight Geneses. Unfortunately, as she continues her search for the last remaining Genesis, she has had no choice but to split her time between preparing for the Aramis Academy Festival and periodically helping out at Arkride Solutions. As for her relationship with Van, she respects and admires him as her employer. However, it seems she harbors some more loving feelings for him as well…
  • Elaine Auclair – An A-rank bracer affiliated with the Calvard branch of the Bracer Guild. She is sometimes referred to by the nickname “Beauty’s Blade.” Due to her dignified beauty and masterful swordsmanship, Elaine tends to catch the attention of the media more often than not. Unfortunately, this also leads to talent agencies offering her contracts for modeling and acting, which she always declines. Aside from being the poster girl for the Bracer Guild, Elaine has no current interest in joining the entertainment world. During her high school years, she enjoyed a brief, fleeting romance with Van before he suddenly disappeared without a word. It was only recently, after seven years, that the two were able to reunite. Although their lingering feelings for each other have left their current relationship a bit strained, the time they spent together fighting Almata was able to strengthen their bond once again. Sometime after the events involving Almata and the Oct-Geneses, Elaine received word that the elite Gamma Squad of the Central Intelligence Department had been brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, and that a “crimson” monster was seen at the crime scene…


  • The Republic of Calvard – A large country located in the central region of the Zemurian continent. Its current leader is President Roy Gramheart. Due to the unfortunate circumstances created by the desertification of eastern Zemuria, Calvard has a long history of welcoming both immigrants and refugees. The resulting mix of cultures and ethnicities has made the country something of a melting pot. A hundred years ago, Calvard was under the yoke of its monarchical rulers. It was only after Sheena Dirke and her compatriots sparked a democratic revolution that the nation was transformed into a democratic republic. Although in constant conflict with Erebonia for control of bordering regions, Calvard has recently been the subject of reparations from the empire following the Battle of Jormungandr. These reparations allowed Calvard to enter a period of rapid growth and development, leading to it eventually surpassing Erebonia as the most powerful nation on the continent. Regarding the region’s recreational interests, recent technological advances in off-road vehicles and film production have led to a boom in both the motorsports and off-road film industries.
  • Messel Dam – A moderately sized city located north of Calvard. Due to its long-standing role as one of the major trading ports of the North Sea, Messeldam was often tasked during the days of monarchical rule with delivering imports to the capital of Oracion, along with fresh seafood, of course. Although the port remains active to this day, advancements in airship technology have greatly diminished its importance. However, the city itself remains an important gateway to Remiferia and the surrounding nations. Unlike Langport, Messeldam possesses very few tourist destinations. That being said, the architecture of the cityscape tends to be quite popular with visitors, as its layout has seen little change over the past century. The populations of the city’s east and central east are fairly sparse due to its geographic location. As such, it lacks a community that values ​​cultural traditionalism. Fortunately, this has been a blessing for Messeldam, as new artistic movements and customs are accepted with relative ease. It was this very attitude that led to the city serving as the venue for the Orbal Film Festival for several years, until its relocation to Tharbad in 1208.

Check out the western announcement trailer and a Roads Below is a trailer with an overview of the series. Check out a set of screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.

Western Announcement Trailer

Roads Trailer with summary of the series


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