The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review – it works on so many levels


It looks like all new zelda The game is a defining moment in gaming culture, advancing what was possible and potentially forging a new path of development. While they can’t all be winners, I look at you, connection‘s Crossbow trainingEach of them did a good job of introducing gamers to the possibilities and limitations of whatever console they’re shooting at.

Growing up in the last few decades, many players will likely mark years zelda The matches they played at that time. It’s a series that somehow manages to evolve with each new installment, which isn’t something many expected after its launch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Kingdom TearsHowever, it proved that anyone who thought that was a fool.

He’s not perfect, not a mile away, but the things he manages and the concept developments from BOTW Nothing short of revolutionary. release Totk As many would have expected, it has been trending on Twitter since its release. While it is unclear whether it will have the same impact on game development as BOTW It was clearly a commercial and cultural success for Nintendo.

This is another from the history books

Zelda TOTK Master Sword Image
Image: Nintendo

Totk Significantly different from the moment you enter the game, with an introductory island introduction, explaining the cause of Upheaval, this game’s version of disaster from the BOTW. As usual, Link and Zelda inadvertently cause another world-altering event that threatens everyone who lives in Hyrule.

Although it’s not entirely bad, since even though Link had his right arm cursed and was actually killed, the long-dead ghost of Zonai was able to graft his undead arm into Link’s, saving his life. This curse and defeat at the start is the reason Link is in the state he was in at the beginning, which many were curious about before launch. At this point, he has to learn all the new abilities and find all the new equipment.

The Great Sky Island tutorial probably takes a few hours on its own, and gives only the slightest insight into what’s possible inside Totk. You get a basic understanding of all the abilities in the game and the story up to that point, but then you embark on your own journey. It’s been said many times before, but diving to the surface for the first time is an experience unlike any other in narrative games.

Zelda Totik Ruby Image
Image: Nintendo

One of the biggest improvements BOTW Is how easy it is to enter Totk, as the game offers a pretty straightforward set of objectives that you complete before the world unlocks completely. It will probably be less useful to fast runners, but the casual gamer will certainly appreciate the softer approach this game takes up front.

This is what makes the addition of the sky level so impressive, as players can see what’s at stake if they’re unable to save Hyrule, a beautiful and vastly expanding kingdom. When you also consider the completely separate layer offered by Depths, Nintendo clearly heard players appreciate exploration in the last game and Connect turned 11.

The powers infused into Link’s new magical arm and Nintendo Switch-esque Purah Pad have already proven to be very popular with fans. If you don’t believe me, check out any of the trending posts on Twitter in the last 48 hours. Social media has been flooded with gamers showing off their monstrous creations, including the infamous Post from Kotaku Transform a giant robot with a flamethrower rod.

Not all that glitters is gold

Zelda TOTK Blood Moon Image
Image: Nintendo

As mentioned earlier, Totk It’s not perfect, and there are a number of bugs that are starting to show the limitations of Nintendo’s current console. At long distances, objects appear very pixelated, and sometimes textures don’t load until you get to a certain distance from them. Admittedly, this isn’t all the time noticeable and only bothered me once or twice in my dozens of hours of playing.

When you’ve dived away from the sky islands enough times, you’ll notice that it can be hard to spot the water at times. Especially at night when you can’t see the light shining from the top of it, it’s very easy to get off track before you have a chance to correct it. This is really an early game problem, but it’s something annoying enough that it stands out.

There are other performance issues, including significant drops in frame rate when the player quickly moves across the map. There aren’t many settings in the game to mess around with and these issues seem to persist whether you’re playing the mobile or TV version of the game.

Zelda TOTK Depths Fighting Image
Image: Nintendo

This can largely be attributed to the current hardware and many have complained of similar issues in other games in recent years. With no new Nintendo console confirmed for next year, at the very least, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo can combat this or if players will have to deal with these issues in order for the developer to release its next console.

However, with the expansion and huge potential of the world in TotkIt’s impressive that there were no more bugs in the game at launch. The fact that players can attach a variety of things to their weapons and armor and create complex structures and that there are no more bugs is impressive. For many players, these minor performance issues are nothing compared to their appreciation for the open world as a whole.

This will largely depend on the player, but those who can’t see their FPS drop below 59 will definitely be upset. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing, because it’s definitely something all gamers should be warned about, whether they have the smaller Switch Lite or the more advanced OLED right now.

Not surprising

Zelda TOTK Great Sky Island Image
Image: Nintendo

The last word

while Kingdom Tears It suffers from significantly more visual glitches and frame rate drops than its predecessor, which can be largely attributed to the sheer size of the world. As with BOTWPlayers will compare every game to this for at least the next five years. It’s one of those things that you can’t understand unless you play for yourself and it’s wise to go into it as lively as you can.


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