Clash of clansthe strategy video game developed by him Supercellreceived a new update today, Builder Base 2.0. This update comes with several improvements to the Builder Base, including a greater focus on tactical attacks, adaptability, bonuses to offense and defense, and a more engaging experience for players as they progress.

Among the significant additions offered by the latest Clan clashs is the new update Building a Level 10 hall. Players who reach Builder Hall Level 9 can upgrade their base to Builder Hall Level 10, which unlocks the following all-new features:

  • New defense: X-Bow
  • New Hero Machine: Battle Chopper
  • New Troops: Electric Fire Wizard
  • The laboratory allows troops to be upgraded to level 20
  • New building: Healing Hut
  • New building: Reinforcement Camp
  • New building: OTTO outpost
  • Hero machines can be upgraded to level 35

Clash of clans Also welcomes your new Automated Build Assistant, Bob. to the game using the Builder Base 2.0 update. Players must reach Builder Hall level 9 and complete tasks to unlock the BOB Unlocking BOB will also give the player Home Village a new sixth permanent Builder.

Supercell also implemented its biggest change to the Builder Base in this update, which is Multi-stage attacks. With this change, Builder Hall Levels 1-5 will progress similarly with some differences in how players attack and defend. However, at Builder Hall Level 6 onwards, a new aspect of the Builder Base is unlocked. When players unlock Phase 2 at Builder Hall Level 6, Phase 2 will contain these buildings immediately at Level 1:

  • OTTO’s Outpost
  • Boost camp
  • Elixir storage
  • gold storage
  • Elixir pump
  • Gold mine
  • Archers tower
  • 10 walls

Clash of clans It also offers two different types of stars in the Builder Base – Bronze and Silver. Bronze stars It is earned by defeating Phase 1 of a multi-phase attack, while silver stars It is earned by defeating stage 2. The player can also attack and earn loot after completing the Star Bonus Reward. Thus, players are no longer limited to the previous three win bonus.

Another big change in the latest Clash of clans The update is removed Face to face battles In Builder Base. This is done so that players can attack once the previous fight has ended. Players can earn Construction golds Attack and win Construction elixir by defense

To make Builder Base battles more tactical, Supercell has it Decrease the number of Builder Base troops per military slot. This will enable players to strategize before attacking. Moreover, a number is displayed on Troop deployment bar To track troops more easily.

After completing the Builder Base Battle, any remaining Troops and Hero Machines can be reused in the next attack. Any troops not deployed during Phase 1 can be changed to another troop option before the Phase 2 attack begins. Also, players will be assisted by Reinforcementswhich are additional slots for troops after reaching Phase 2. In addition, when troops are unlocked in the Barracks, they will immediately be upgraded to the minimum level.

Several additional changes, fixes, and improvements have also been made as part of the Builder Base 2.0 update, which you can read more about at Official clash of clans wwebsite.

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