Jim Halpert is often cited as one of the nicest and most popular characters on The Office. But does he have another, less favorable, side to him? There’s evidence to suggest that he indeed does, and that side is creepy as all get-out.

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Jim’s pranks and romance with Pam perhaps hide other aspects of his personality, but upon close inspection, Jim’s actions are suspect. Admittedly such actions are occasional at best, but is that because Jim is good at hiding this objectionable facet of his personality, or is he really just as nice a guy as he seems to be?

10 Reflexively Staring At Ryan

Jim would constantly look over at Pam, which is kind of creepy in itself, particularly during the time that she was engaged to Roy. But Jim became so used to glancing over at Pam that when she went on vacation in “The Carpet” and Ryan temporarily replaced her, Jim kept looking over at Ryan without realizing it, creeping him out. Although Ryan admitted that Jim’s glances were nothing to the way Michael looked at him from his office, it must still have been a bit weird to be ogled.

9 Acting Like A Big Shot In Philly

When Jim got a job with Athlead, he changed. He got himself a fancy suit, a Bluetooth earpiece, adopted a brisk walk, and used phrases like “killing it.” Philly Jim didn’t really seem like Jim. He seemed like a version of Jim that he wanted to be but that deep down, he wasn’t. He even admitted to Pam that working at Athlead had turned him into a douche, and even though he was joking, he had an air of self-satisfaction that just seemed off.

8 Casually Breaking Up With Katy On The Booze Cruise

In Episode 11 of Season 2, “Booze Cruise,” Jim breaks up with Katy, leaving her stranded on a boat with people she hardly knows. He didn’t take Katy’s feelings into account at all, breaking up with her while staring at Pam and Roy dancing.

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The casual way he told Katy that they should break up, knowing in his heart he wanted to be with Pam all along, just made him come off as a creep. He should have broken it off sooner instead of inviting Katy on the booze cruise only to dump her, leaving her to wait with tears in her eyes until it was over.

7 Riding In A Convertible With Stanley

At the office, Stanley is grumpy, dissatisfied, and fixated on crosswords, but when they head to Florida, Stanely is a different beast entirely. He’s smooth, happy and full of beans. So when Jim agreed to get into his convertible in Tallahassee, he should have known what he was getting into. Stanley pulled up beside another car to ask out a couple of women, causing Jim to squirm in embarrassment. From the women’s perspective, however, Jim just looked like the creepiest guy in Tallanasty.

6 Being Overly Familiar With The Camera

Jim is a kind of bridge between the viewer and what’s happening in the office. When Michael says something stupid, Jim looks at the camera with a look that says to the audience, “Can you believe this guy?” When you think that Jim is just a regular guy working at a paper company, all those impeccably-timed looks to the camera begin to seem a little creepy. You’d think the documentary crew would blend into the surroundings, particularly in the later series, but Jim always knows where the camera is and where’s it’s pointing.

5 Announcing His Fondness For Moms Of All Kinds

While eating lunch with Roy and Pam in the episode “Hot Girl,” Roy asked Jim what kind of girls he’s into. He couldn’t say he was into girls like Pam, so with a deadpan expression on his face, he said he was into moms. Soccer moms, single moms, NASCAR moms, any kind of mom. Pam laughed, making it seem like Jim was joking, but he could just as easily have had a secret mom fetish. The response came to him fairly quickly, and Pam does have somewhat motherly tendencies, so it could have been true after all.

4 Using Darryl’s Thermos And Pouring Its Contents Into The Bin

While Jim and Darryl were sharing a place in Philly, Jim used Darryl’s Thermos. Darryl took umbrage with this as it was his go-to Thermos, and when he called Jim out on it, things took a bizarre turn. Jim poured the coffee in the Thermos into the bin while staring at Darryl with a strange intensity before thrusting the Thermos into his chest as he walked past.

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It was kind of uncalled for, not to mention a waste of coffee and somewhat out of character of Jim.  The two made up in the end but it was a weird behavioral shift on Jim’s part.

3 Crushing On An Engaged Woman

There’s nothing wrong with having a crush on someone who is engaged, but if you kiss someone who is, that’s a different story, and that’s exactly what Jim did with Pam. Their flirting, while seemingly harmless, would not have gone down well with Roy, which is why they changed so abruptly whenever he caught them in the act, like kids getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It all lead to a kiss in the office, not long after Pam’s fiancée, Roy, asked Jim to look after her, which he certainly did.

2 Jim’s Elaborate Schemes Are The Work Of A Twisted Mind

Some of Jim’s pranks were not just pranks, they were elaborate schemes that had numerous components or that required a great deal of effort, like programming Dwight to want mints, or moving his desk into the bathroom. He spent inordinate amounts of time on certain pranks, such as when he wrapped everything in Dwight’s work area (including his desk) in Christmas wrapping paper. You can see the sense of satisfaction he gets from his escapades when he looked through the blinds at Andy after pranking him in “Heavy Competition.”

1 Jim’s Dwight Impersonation Hit Way Too Close To Home

In impersonating Dwight, Jim was being intentionally creepy, but he turned the creepiness up to 11. It’s unsettling just how accurate his portrayal of Dwight actually was. It’s as if in trying to get into his head and find out what makes him tick with his pranks, Jim was able to fully inhabit Dwight on a deep and frankly disturbing level. The dead look in his eyes made it seem like he was taking it entirely too seriously, and that there was something sinister lurking under Jim’s nice guy facade.

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