saints row‘s ‘Theft and dangerousThe DLC is available now, and with it comes the game’s biggest patch yet, the free one Sunshine Springs update.

saints rowThe Sunshine Springs update adds a whole new area as well as some new features like Selfie Mode and Emote Wheel. As part of this massive update, significant quality of life improvements have also been included, including a major update to the game’s overall combat system.

With today’s patch released for saints rowSanto Ileso is now even bigger with the addition of the Santo Ileso Sunshine SpringsIt is a vast oasis located in the Rojas Desert. Sunshine Springs is a resort area that is home to the true elite of Santo Ileso. It features new Threats, Photo Hunt, tcha, and Riding Shotgun activities for players to enjoy. Sunshine Springs will also serve as the setting for the Expansion Pass content.

saints rowThe Sunshine Springs update also brings some important updates to the combat, making it feel even more dynamic than before. Aiming, crouching, and taking down have all been improved, plus, enemies’ health and evasion abilities have been tweaked to make them more balanced and fair to fight. The timing of the opponent’s reinforcement calls has also been adjusted, providing bosses with an increased number of opportunities to stop these pesky whistleblowers.

Many exciting new features are also introduced by saints rowSunshine Springs update, incl new Selfie mode, new camera angle and 12 new expressions. Enemy and vehicle health bars may now also be toggled on and off independently of the rest of the user interface. Changes have also been implemented to the audio fonts as well as to the user interface and menus.

Fixes have also been made to issues previously identified as part of the Sunshine Springs update, which you can read more about in the full patch notes available at Official saints row website.

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