Blizzard Entertainment has unexpectedly announced a new open beta for Diablo 4, the ultimate RPG experience, which is set to start from May 12-14. This follows the company’s recent announcement of substantial changes to the game based on player feedback from early access and open beta weekends in March.

A highly anticipated title, Diablo 4 presents players with endless evil to defeat, numerous abilities to master, terrifying dungeons, and legendary loot. Players can embark on the campaign alone or with friends, exploring dark places, venturing into a shared world where they can meet others in cities to trade, team up to battle world bosses, or test their skills against fellow players in PvP areas.

Blizzard took user feedback from various platforms, such as forums, Reddit, and Discord, to make comprehensive updates for Diablo 4. The changes target dungeons, classes, user interface (UI), and encounters, and will be included in the game’s launch on June 6th, with the goal of providing an improved gaming experience.

The dungeon updates were made in response to feedback about backtracking in dungeons, particularly in the Rift Peaks area. Blizzard has improved several dungeons, increased the chance of spawning events from 10% to 60%, and made several tweaks to simplify gameplay. These changes include reduced channel times for depositing Animus, rescuing, and returning carried creatures to their bases, as well as granting a 25% movement speed increase to players who carry specific objective items.

Changes to classes include updates for Barbarians, Druids, Necromancers, Rogues, and Sorcerers. General mods consist of extending the duration of effects such as Stun and Freeze on Elite Monsters and ensuring that all classes have access to skills that remove control blocking effects. Each class has also received specific updates, such as damage reduction for Barbarians, damage increase for Priest’s mate skills, damage reduction for Necromancer’s Corpse Explosion skill, and bonus boosts for Rogue’s Subterfug Skills.

User interface improvements feature bug fixes, a new serif font, improved screen reader functionality, and the ability to bind actions to the mouse wheel or right analog stick on the controller. In addition, character stats will now be displayed by default when players click the Material and Stats button within their inventory.

Finally, the changes have issues with bosses like the Butcher, who can become unresponsive, and introduce difficulty re-evaluating bosses like T’chort, Malnok, and Vhenard for melee characters. Vault updates include an increased chance of dungeon events occurring, consistent rewards, and fixes to early completion and missing elite monsters.

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