The first serious Wonder Woman crossover since 1991, Trial of the Amazons will kick off in March 2022, only six months after Nubia & The Amazons #1 first hinted at the conflict arising in the Wonder Woman universe. This series will oversee the power struggle between Amazon tribes after an ancient threat arrives on Themyscira, potentially changing everyone’s future.

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Trial of the Amazons, created by a talented group of multiple writers and artists already involved with the Amazon Princess, will be the beginning of many changes to come for Wonder Woman. It will also be a platform for many other fascinating characters close to her to showcase their abilities and maybe become mainstream DC heroes.

8 It Was Created By An Amazing Writing Team

The first thing that stands out about Trial of The Amazons is the remarkable team behind its story. Since the series serves as a crossover for all the Wonder Woman-centered comics currently in the market, it was crafted by the authors working on those series, so fans can rest assured that each character’s essence will be thoroughly respected.

The writing roster of Trial of the Amazons includes Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, currently writing Wonder Woman, as well as Vita Ayala and Stephanie William, who created Nubia & The Amazons. Also, Joëlle Jones, who created Yara Flor, the Future State: Wonder Woman and current Prime Earth Wonder Girl. These writers are working together to craft a profound and interesting story that will, undoubtedly, change the way readers see Wonder Woman.

7 It Features a Top-Notch Artist Team

In addition to excellent writing, Trial of the Amazons treats Wonder Woman fans to the fine artwork of four female artists with plenty of experience drawing the Amazon Princess. First, Joëlle Jones, who also writes for DC Comics and whose work can be found in Wonder Girl. Together with Jones, the Eisner Winner Elena Casagrande, known for Marvel’s latest run on Black Widow alongside Kelly Thompson.

Besides these two artists, Trial of the Amazons includes artwork by Laura Braga, who worked on several DC Comics Bombshells‘ issues, as well as in the Archie/DC crossover, Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica. Finally, it features Skylar Patridge, mostly known for illustrating Wonder Woman #781-784.

6 This Is The First Wonder Woman-Centered Event In A While

Of course, Wonder Woman has been an irreplaceable member of the Justice League for several years now. Her presence is a must in most DC events focused on different characters. However, Trial of the Amazons is the first Wonder Woman-centered crossover in around 30 years.

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Before Trial of the Amazons, George Pérez created War of the Gods, a comic that showcased Diana fighting Circe after the villain tried to warp reality to satisfy the goddess Hecate. This miniseries, written in 1991, crossed over with practically all series being published at the moment, such as Superman: The Man of Steel, The Flash, and Doctor Fate. It was created to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 50th Anniversary and to commemorate George Pérez’s departure from the series.

5 It Showcases The Whole Wonder Family

Many believe the Wonder Woman family is just as fascinating as the Bat-Family or the Superman family. However, its members tend to be ignored. Not in this case. Trial of the Amazons wouldn’t be a proper crossover if it didn’t include every member of the Wonder Woman family currently in publication. In addition to everyone’s favorite Amazon, Wonder Woman, this series features many other Amazons just as powerful as Diana.

For example, Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, who’s currently replacing her daughter after Diana died saving the Multiverse in Infinite Frontier. The comic also features Artemis, who took the Wonder Woman mantle a while ago. It also includes Nubia, the current Queen of Themyscira, as well as Yara Flor, originally introduced as Future State’s Wonder Woman, but now Wonder Girl.

4 It Follows A War Among Amazon Tribes

Way before, there was only one Amazonian tribe, the Themysciran, but now there are at least two more: the Esquecida and the Bana-Mighdall. Trial of the Amazons will follow Diana, Nubia, Yara Flor, and many other iconic Wonder Woman-adjacent characters as their respective tribes battle to the death for the control of the whole Amazonian clan and its future.

Of course, this fight isn’t their own idea. The Amazons are being manipulated by something—or rather someone—that comes directly from the Doom’s Doorway’s depths, the gate that joins Themyscira to the Hades’ realm. Readers will have to wait a couple of months to know if Diana, Nubia, and Yara will join the fight or if they will try to stop it, but Trial of the Amazons’ writers have confirmed this event will have serious consequences for the DC Universe.

3 It Features One Of George Pérez’ Most Popular Creations

In Wonder Woman #1, published in 1987, George Pérez introduced the Cavern of Souls, as an explanation for the all-female population in Themyscira. The Olympian Goddess Artemis attempted to create a new race on Earth made of women who would worship the Greek gods, but her fellow gods denied her request. Going against Zeus’ wishes, Artemis traveled to the Cavern of Souls in the River Styx. Here, she released the spirits inside—all belonging to women who died due to male violence—to become the Amazons in Themyscira.

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Nubia & The Amazons #1 introduces the Well of Souls, an updated version of Pérez’s cavern that establishes new Amazons are routinely created from souls of women and welcomed in a celebratory ritual. This revamped myth adds new information on the Amazonian culture, but, in addition to this, it opens the door for inclusion. One of the newest members of the Amazon family is Bia, a Trans black woman who reincarnated in her true self. According to the writers, Bia is gonna be an important character in the Trial of the Amazons.

2 It Brings Back An Amazon Tradition

According to the official description, Trial of the Amazons follows the Wonder Family as the dangers of Doom’s Doorway arrive on Earth. The Bana-Mighdall finds it unacceptable, so they return to Themsycira to claim what’s theirs. The stakes grow higher when the Esquecida also appear, leading the three tribes to realize the only solution for their civil conflict is also one of their most famous traditions, the Contest.

The contest was first established in Wonder Woman #90 by William Messner-Loebs and Mike Deodato Jr. It’s a competition over the Wonder Woman mantle created by Queen Hippolyta. After having a premonition of Wonder Woman dying, the woman sets Diana up so she stops being Wonder Woman. After Diana fails, the new mantle goes to Artemis, who actually dies fulfilling the prophecy. Since the Contest is a way to determine who becomes the new Wonder Woman, its presence in Trial of the Amazons signals a change of status quo for the Amazonians.

1 It’s Going to Redefine Wonder Woman & The Amazons

Just like many other characters, Wonder Woman has suffered several transformations throughout her time in the DC comics. Her mantle has gone to different women, her origin story has been revamped and her powers have changed, for better or for worse. Trial of the Amazons promises to change the Wonder Woman lore completely. First, it shows the Amazons in a different light. Not only are they in the middle of a civil war, in a conflict never seen before, but they’re also established as a larger and more complex group that exists all around the world.

In addition to this, Trial of the Amazons points to a new Wonder Woman. With Diana’s death already scheduled on Justice League #75, during Death of the Justice League, the Wonder Woman mantle will be available for the taking, so it’s only logical that the Contest will be held to find a replacement. There’s no doubt that Trial of the Amazons guarantees the readers a thrilling story, set to completely revamp Wonder Woman as a hero.

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