With spring in full bloom, Guilded, the video game community platform developed by Guilded, Inc. and owned by Roblox Corporation since August 16, 2021, Feature-packed updatewhich caters to gaming and competitive sports enthusiasts.

Among the new features, Guilded introduced Role Tokens, which can be added to any role in the server, allowing users to choose from an unlimited number of emotes or directly upload custom icons. The unlocked role icons will be displayed above the usernames, showing their status within the server.

The update also brings support for Roblox login, allowing new users to create Guilded profiles with their Roblox accounts, while existing users who linked their Roblox accounts can now login with their Roblox credentials as an alternative to logging in via email.

Linux users can now enjoy a revamped client with many bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, including a new launch screen designed specifically for Linux, which makes application updates easier.

Guilded has reconfigured the print head feature, and improved it for Android and iOS to make typing, tagging, and annotating faster than ever, with over 300% faster suggestions for a smoother experience.

To manage reactions, Guilded has introduced new tools for moderators that allow them to remove individual reactions, all reactions to selected emoticons, or every reaction from any message. In addition, the Over Reaction feature has been added, which automatically hides unique emoticons after the first forty on any message. Users can view all feedback by opening Overflow or opening the All Feedback menu.

The Spring Update also includes several improvements and bug fixes for mobile and desktop apps across Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Improvements have been made to voice chat connectivity and stability, noise cancellation, typing performance, GIF performance, auto-collapse behaviors on channel sidebar, deep search UX and UI, and more. Bug fixes include resolving issues with embeds in chat channels, behaviors associated with the Join Audio button, broadcast issues, and more.

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