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The Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 patch had some dramatic story reveals, some of the best raid and boss content in months, and perhaps the highlight of it all for us personally, a buff to gear sets. As per the new patch, you can now save up to 100 total gear sets may be saved.

And gear sets can now be used from the beginning of the game, instead of you needing to unlock jobs and grind through them to get more. This is a lifesaver for someone like myself whose used gear sets as both an alternative glamour option for alts, and a way to cheese my way to lower ilevel Alliance raids.

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Yes, in perhaps one of the more controversial elements, this change has streamlined the ability to twink your ilvl down to an appropriate level to just run Crystal Tower raids all day. But as someone who has seven alts and wants all of those classes leveled, this kind of quality of life (QoL) change is made just for me.

There’s also some additional changes with gear sets. When registering a gear set to a hotbar, the gear set’s item level will now display on the tooltip and a small guide on using gear sets has been added to the gear set list. Given we’ve already allocated our gear sets to collapsable cross hotbars and set them on the side of our screen, this kind of change is very welcome.

Speaking of which, another neat little change that applies to those who have started using the often-forgotten cross hotbar. When changing to a newly acquired job, players can now choose whether or not to transfer hotbar/cross hotbar settings from their associated class. This is super nice for those who’ve managed to set up their cross hotbar as an additional two dozen or so keys to press. As someone who maxed out their hotbars with emotes, job changes, and other random abilities, it’s nice to have this versatility.

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