The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Beast Boy has undergone his most challenging transformation yet in titans.

When he made his series debut, for a time, Garfield Logan (Ryan Potter) could only use his DNA-altering powers to shapeshift into a tiger. However, over time, he added other animals to his personal collection, including snakes, bats, and more. To save Superboy from a magical curse in Season 4, Gar turns himself into something unlike anything he’s ever tried before: a virus.

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During the episode “Inside Man”, Superboy/Conner Kent (Joshua Orpin) is cursed by Mother Mayhem’s magic and forced to do her bidding. Mayhem’s mind control over Conner is made possible by a large snake that has made its way into his body. To free Conner, Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) concocts a John Constantine remedy to magically drive out the snake, but Beast Boy must turn into a virus to serve as the remedy’s carrier.

Early on, Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) questions how Gar can turn into a virus, saying, “I thought they could only turn into animals.” Gar quotes Niles Caulder, the leader of the Doom Patrol who gave him his abilities, and replies, “Well, technically, Niles Caulder said that he could unzip and rearrange my DNA into anything, as long as he has DNA.” Bernard Fitzmartin (James Scully) of Star Labs chimes in: “And viruses are actually the most primordial form of DNA, so technically it should work.”

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Titans almost kills Superboy and Beast Boy

However, the transformation does not come without risks. If the attempt to deliver the remedy fails and Conner dies, so will Gar, since “a virus cannot live outside of a dead host.” However, Gar decides to take the risk and is seen one moment as himself talking to Dick, and the next as a green-coated petri dish, the contents of which are sent into Conner’s system through his nose.

The Titans’ plan works, and after saving Superboy, Gar is transported from Conner’s body in the form of a virus into a large tank of liquid. There is uncertainty in the room as to whether Gar will be able to turn back into himself, but he successfully reforms his body into the tank and gets out of it saying, “That was a wild ride.”

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Titans Reveals New Beast Boy Details About The Red

Weather titans opens Gar to new transformations and gives him a new suit this season, the show also introduces a mystery for Beast Boy involving The Red, a mystical force connecting all animal life that was originally introduced in the animal man Gar has been experiencing visions of a tree with animal bones under a red sky, and after sharing this information with Jinx in “Inside Man”, he mentions “The Red” and reveals what it is to Gar. Although he doesn’t know much about it, the rumors Jinx has heard about The Red labels it as “a place of great power and mystery”, and encourages Gar to “go blind and find out”.

new episodes of titans Season 4 launches weekly on Thursdays on HBO Max. The first three seasons of the series and the available episodes of season 4 are already streaming.

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