according to Press release from BlankMediaGamesThe company is set to release Town of Salem 2 in early access on May 26, 2023. The sequel to the well-received social deduction game, Town of Salem, is expected to offer players an even more exciting and challenging experience.

In Salem 2, the titular city is once again plagued by turmoil as the Coven faction takes over. Players must either strive for victory as a member of the city or work from the shadows as part of the Coven, Neutral, or Apocalypse factions. The game introduces a large number of new roles, each with unique abilities that players can make use of.

The addition of the Apocalypse Faction and the Four Horsemen game mode add an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. BlankMediaGames CEO Josh Brittain shared his excitement, saying, “With so many new features and roles to discover, Town of Salem 2 is an exciting and unique experience you won’t want to miss.”

Players now have more control over their turns through the use of rolls and curse rolls, while the option to block certain turns or apply game modifiers allows for a more personalized experience. Internal customization of the character, pets, and home enhances this aspect of the game.

Communication has been simplified, with players now able to tag other players, roles, and keywords in the chat. Private custom lobbies provide an easy way to invite friends using a six-character code or to join other games by browsing the available custom lobbies. The game also features free movement in lobbies, during night stages, and as a stealth, a marked improvement over its predecessor.

As the battle between the Coven and the Town of Salem intensifies, players can decide whether to help fight against the Coven or join forces to take over the city.

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