Turn-based action game Arashi Gaiden announced for PC

Publisher and developer Statera Studio and developer Wired Dreams Studio have announced Arashi Gaiden, a turn-based action game featuring frenetic dash-and-slash combat. It will start for PC via Steam in 2025.

Here is an overview of the game, through its Steam Page:


Arashi Gaiden is a turn-based action game with fast-paced, dash-and-slash combat, in which a ronin is hired by his former master and given the mission of recovering three powerful oriental relics, which the Matilha stole. This criminal organization has joined forces with a clan of Ninjas and is dominating the criminal world in Japan. This game is part of the same universe as Pocket Bravery, and expands the story of an important part of the Japanese core of the game.

You take on the role of Shinji Arashi, a ronin dealing with the problems of the past while facing new enemies (and old acquaintances).

Key Features

  • Over five hours of fun turn-based combat, with varied challenges and multiple solutions.
  • Perform quick combos or plan your fight calmly, the choice is yours.
  • A new level for an innovative combat system, Dash and Slash, enjoy turn-based combat with fast movements.
  • Pixel art completely handmade, with themed scenes from different places in Japan.
  • Discover the story of Arashi and his relationship with Lobo.
  • Receive power-ups as you progress through the game, but manage them well throughout the match.
  • Enjoy stylish turn-based action gameplay with puzzle features (or vice versa).

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announcement trailer

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