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In a surprising move, notable gaming and gaming companies such as Play StationAnd nvidiaAnd AMDAnd epic games They lost their golden checkmarks on Twitter as part of the platform’s recent overhaul. Other companies, incl Nintendo of America And X-BoxShe managed to keep her marks. The golden check mark is intended to indicate that the account belongs to an official organization.

The social media giant launched its “Blue for Business” plan on December 19, displaying company profile photos in a box with a gold tick. Twitter recently pursued the plan to remove all old verified accounts on April 20th, and users will need to sign up for Twitter Blue to get a checkmark. The subscription costs $8 per month and offers additional features, such as editing tweets, but does not verify the user’s identity.

After the changes, some organizations now place a gold check mark with a square profile picture to indicate their official status. Government officials have a gray check mark in their names, while government organizations are identified by a square profile picture and a gray check mark.

that Email shared by Matt Navarra It is suggested that accounts that spend $1,000 per month on the platform are eligible for gold check marks. This could mean that companies without checkmarks may not have been advertising on Twitter. Email outlined Twitter’s new verification strategy aimed at enhancing user experience and reducing fraudulent accounts and bots.

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