Bloomberg The two Unity Technologies Inc. companies are following “credible death threats” amid an ongoing dispute over a new per-install fee implemented for developers using Unity. Reported that offices are closed today. The company also canceled a planned town hall Bloomberg.

Two days ago, Unity revealed plans to charge developers using the Unity video game engine a per-install fee that would be enforced every time players install their games. Developers are quick to point out the problems with these per-install fees, among other things, the ability of players to install, delete, install, rinse and repeat in retaliation for developers’ money. Many developers publicly called for unity to walk back these changes. While Unity has addressed some concerns, developers are still wary of trusting the company moving forward, with some developers suggesting development may move to entirely different engines in light of this charge.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello had planned to address company staff at a town hall this morning but instead canceled and closed the company’s Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California offices as a result of death threats that Unity perceived as credible.

(Source: Bloomberg)


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